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Managing Broken Root Tips

Broken root tips and retained fragments have long posed a problem for exodontists: Should you leave the tooth fragment where it is or should you take it out? To help resolve this long-standing dilemma, Dr. John O’Keefe, Director of Knowledge Networks CDA, invites maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Keyvan Abbaszadeh, to lend his considerable experience and expertise to the debate.

“Breaking a root tip is not a problem,”  says Dr. Abbaszadeh. “It becomes a problem  when you don’t have the next step figured out.”  

Walking through a number of case studies to illustrate his practice, Dr. Abbaszadeh clearly lays out the clinical criteria for both courses of action. He also discusses how breaking the root tip in a controlled manner can sometimes be a strategy to preserve the bone and soft tissue in preparation for an implant.

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Full Conversation (12.52")

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  1. Doug Cowdrey November 10, 2020

    Hello Dr. Abbaszadeh, fabulous presentation very grounded attitude.
    I do some surgery, and would be fascinated to see some clinical scenarios of a) Ones you wish you had left alone, b) Ones where you left it and issues developed soon or a long time after initial treatment, and how you managed such a case. Once done I will arrange for the Nobel Prize.
    Thanks Dr O’Keefe for arranging this….awesome.


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