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Managing Joint Problems

On the face of it, dental work does not appear to be particularly rigorous or prone to injury. At least not compared with the work of, say, a construction worker or a firefighter. But studies show that work-related injury is a real problem for dentists. And though they may not particularly susceptible to one-time trauma, the cumulative effect of poor posture, improper head positioning and long hours spent on the feet can take its toll.

“We don’t think of our body as important until it gets hurt. But our body is the most important machine in our practice. The cost of winding down a career early through chronic injury is hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

In this edition of CDA Oasis Live, Dr. Uche Odiatu, a General Dentist and Wellness Expert from Toronto, talks to Dr. John O’Keefe, Director of CDA Knowledge Networks, about some of the common injuries suffered by dentists. He highlights the importance of taking preventative action and recommends some simple strategies that can lead to a fitter body and a long, injury-free career.

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