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The Three Minute Thesis

The Three Minute Thesis is an internationally recognized research communication competition where participants have three minutes to deliver a compelling presentation on their thesis research for a general audience using a single, static slide. Originating at the University of Queensland, Australia in 2008, the Three Minute Thesis is now held in over 200 universities worldwide to help research students develop presentation and communication skills, and to give them a platform where they can distill their research into a single message that can be easily absorbed by the general public.

This year, the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto launched their inaugural Three Minute Thesis competition specifically for dental research, inviting students from across the faculty to take part.

Dr. Laurent Bozec, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto, in conversation with Chiraz Guessaier, Manager CDA, explains why the Three Minute Thesis is so compatible with the translational nature of dental research, and introduces the three finalists from this year’s competition:

So is the Three Minute Thesis an event the Faculty of Dentistry at U of T will look to host on an annual basis?

“Yes”, says Dr. Bozec. “This year we are planning to broadcast the competition live, possibly on CDA Oasis. We’d like to give the audience an opportunity to give feedback and we’re also interested in seeing if other faculties of dentistry across Canada would be interested in a nationwide Three Minute Thesis competition”.

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*Correction: At minute 5:38 Dr. Bozec states that that Lizbeth Ayoub is the winner of the competition. The winner of the competition was Julie Farmer.

Full Conversation (7.59")

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