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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2020/05/20

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada on Wednesday. cbc.ca, May 20: Finance minister outlines details of bridge financing program for large companies. Canada's inflation rate turned negative in April for first time since 2009. Police report 2,200 home quarantine checks as Trudeau talks about stricter border measures. ANALYSIS | Spelling out the economic recovery options as the world starts to reopen from COVID-19. Hamilton retirement home emptied due to COVID-19 outbreak — but a sick resident was left behind. INTERACTIVE | Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Canada by province and territory. Read more

Canadians should wear masks as an 'added layer of protection,' says Tam. cbc.ca, May 20: Canada's chief public health officer says Canadians should wear a mask as an "added layer of protection" whenever physical distancing is not possible. Read more

La Santé publique du Canada recommande le port du masque. lapresse.ca, mai 20 : La Santé publique du Canada recommande maintenant le port du masque non médical ou du couvre-visage lorsqu’il est impossible de garder une distance de deux mètres. Lire plus

Inside the BCCDC: The front lines of B.C.’s quest to conquer COVID-19. bc.ctvnews.ca, May 19: It’s both old school and high-tech, and it’s here, on the ground floor of the B.C. Centre for Disease Control’s Public Health Lab in Vancouver, where the experts may need both approaches to crack the COVID-19 code. Read more

COVID-19 success presents a paradox for Newfoundland and Labrador’s public health officials. vocm.com, May 20: As Newfoundland and Labrador approaches two weeks without any new cases of COVID-19, Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Janice Fitzgerald tried to explain the contradictions she faces as a public health official gauging the continued need for emergency health measures. Read more

A private lab in St. John's is planning COVID-19 testing for use by employers and businesses. cbc.ca, May 20: A private lab in St. John's says it will provide COVID-19 analysis to private sector employers who are able to properly administer and collect the test swabs using a registered medical practitioner or a medical consulting firm. Read more

Barring Taiwan from WHO a 'serious' health concern: Canada, U.S., allies say. ctvnews.ca, May 17: Canada, the United States and six major allies have told the World Health Organization that its ongoing exclusion of Taiwan has created a serious public health concern during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more

Epidemiologists brace for 2nd wave — and it may come in September. cbc.ca, May 20: Now's no time to become complacent about COVID-19, experts warn. It may seem like things are returning to normal as the unprecedented rules and restrictions that have governed our lives over the past two months are slowly but surely loosened. Read more

Clinical trials of Chinese vaccine similar to Ebola immunizer in Canada to begin in weeks. ipolitics.ca, May 19: The first human clinical trials in Canada for a vaccine to COVID-19 should be underway in the country within weeks, which – if the candidate proves successful – could start a process as short as several months long toward readying the product for Canadian production. Read more

Number of CERB claimants topped number of jobless by a million last month, statistics show. nationalpost.com, May 19: Those figures raise questions about who exactly is getting the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, meant to help people made jobless by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Suitcases full of cash offered at PPE factories overseas affecting global supply. cbc.ca, May 18: Cutthroat global competition, large supply chains and the almighty dollar have created an environment where the highest bidder might win shipments of personal protective equipment — regardless of contractual obligations. Read more

Health Canada approves first clinical trial for potential COVID-19 vaccine. ctvnews.ca, May 16: ... Health Canada has authorized 33 clinical trials for supportive care or treatments for COVID-19 to date. Read more

Vaccin contre le coronavirus: les nouvelles encourageantes se multiplient. ledevoir.com, 19 mai : La semaine dernière, l’entreprise biopharmaceutique québécoise Medicago a indiqué que son vaccin candidat a généré une réponse en anticorps positive chez la souris dix jours après l’administration d’une seule dose. Puis, samedi, Santé Canada a approuvé des tests qui seront menés au Centre canadien de vaccinologie de l’Université Dalhousie. Lire plus

How the first Canadian COVID-19 vaccine trial will work. ctvnews.ca, May 17: Saturday's announcement that Health Canada has given the green light to a clinical trial for a potential COVID-19 vaccine is welcome news, but there is still a long way to go before any possible treatment becomes a reality. Read more

Youth more concerned about health of others than their own amid pandemic: StatCan. ctvnews.ca, May 17: The survey released Friday found that approximately 87 per cent of youth aged 15 to 30 years are very or extremely concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on the health of vulnerable people. Read more

Researchers aim to find out whether wastewater gives early warning of COVID-19 cases in communities. folio.ca, May 19: U of A expert helping lead national pilot project to test wastewater for signs of COVID-19. Read more

Canada's 'inevitable' second wave of COVID-19 will expose surveillance blindspots: experts. ctvnews.ca, May 16: No one knows when a fresh surge of COVID-19 cases will emerge in Canada, but experts agree numbers are poised to rise and could very well explode in surveillance blindspots. Read more

Working through COVID-19: Return to Work Survey – Only 8 per cent of organizations are fully prepared to re-open. conferenceboard.ca, May 19: The Conference Board of Canada asked Canadian organizations how they’re planning to bring employees back to physical workplaces, and what measures they are putting in place. Read more

Washing your hands is better than disposable gloves for preventing COVID-19 spread, Public Health says. cbc.ca, May 18: Guidance from Public Health Agency of Canada on wearing gloves comes 2 months into pandemic. ... PHAC's advice was prompted by a CBC News inquiry about the government agency's position on wearing gloves. PHAC said Saturday it will soon update its website with the information. Read more

Un vaccin produit au Québec bientôt testé sur l’humain. ledevoir.com, 15 mai : L’entreprise québécoise Medicago qui a mis au point un vaccin contre la COVID-19 annonçait aujourd’hui avoir obtenu des résultats très encourageants chez l’animal. Lire plus

Nurses, lab workers, physicians among 'alarming' number of health-care workers with COVID-19. cbc.ca, May 15: As the number of COVID-19 cases among health-care workers continues to rise in Ontario, clinicians say multiple factors could be fueling the spike in various settings. Read more

The coronavirus is mutating — and that can help us track it. cbc.ca, May 15: Sequencing the coronavirus's RNA is providing researchers with valuable information about the strains of the virus in Canada and how to stop its spread. Read more

Live updates: All 50 states have partially reopened; U.S. death toll surpasses 90,000. washingtonpost.com, May 20: The president privately expressed opposition to extending unemployment benefits for workers affected by the pandemic. A church in Houston and another in Georgia are closing for a second time after faith leaders and congregants tested positive for the virus shortly after the two churches reopened. The CDC laid out a detailed, delayed road map for reopening schools, child-care facilities, restaurants and mass transit, weeks after governors began opening states on their own terms. Read more

New Jersey Allows 18,000 Pharmacists to Give Covid-19 Tests. bloomberg.com, May 19: New Jersey authorized 18,000 pharmacists to give Covid-19 tests to residents without a prescription, boosting testing capacity as the state continues a gradual reopening. Read more

WHO approves call for inquiry into global coronavirus response. edition.cnn.com, May 19: The World Health Organization (WHO) has agreed to hold an inquiry into the global response to the coronavirus pandemic, adopting a resolution a summit that has been overshadowed by President Donald Trump's threat to permanently cut US funding to the agency. Read more

All 50 U.S. states have taken steps toward reopening in time for Memorial Day weekend. washingtonpost.com, May 19: Here are some significant developments: Asian American health-care workers have reported a rise in bigoted incidents. The Trump administration announced an indefinite extension of travel restrictions at the U.S. land borders. Most elderly covid-19 patients put on ventilators at two New York hospitals did not survive, according to a sweeping study published Tuesday. Read more

More than 100 million people in China's northeast back under lockdown to thwart potential second wave. nationalpost.com, May 19: China's swift and powerful reaction reflects its fear of a second wave after it curbed the virus's spread at great economic and social cost. Read more

Scientists isolate live COVID-19 virus from feces, detect RNA on surfaces. cidrap.umn.edu, May 19: Chinese researchers have isolated live COVID-19 virus from the feces of patients who died from the disease, according to a report published yesterday in Emerging Infectious Diseases. Read more

Coronavirus patients who seem to catch COVID-19 twice aren’t infectious 2nd time. fortune.com, May 19: Patients who test positive for the coronavirus weeks after recovering from Covid-19 probably aren’t capable of transmitting the infection, research from South Korea shows. Read more

WHO reports most coronavirus cases in a day as cases near five million. ca.reuters.com, May 20: The World Health Organization expressed concern on Wednesday about the rising number of new coronavirus cases in poor countries, even as many rich nations have begun emerging from lockdown. Read more

SARS antibodies can block COVID-19 infection: study. ctvnews.ca, May 18: An antibody from a patient who recovered from SARS has been shown to block COVID-19 infection in a laboratory setting, Read more

Experimental coronavirus vaccine generated virus antibodies in small, early stage study. cbc.ca, May 18: Early data from Moderna Inc.'s COVID-19 vaccine…showed that it produced protective antibodies in a small group of healthy volunteers. Read more

UK aims to roll out coronavirus vaccine for 30 million Britons by September. cnbc.com, May 18: In an announcement on Sunday, the government said the U.K. would be the first country to be given access to a vaccine being developed at Oxford University, should it prove successful in clinical trials. Read more

Hospitals, health care sector reel from COVID-19 damage. apnews.com, May 18: COVID-19 worries have kept patients away from doctors’ offices and forced the postponement and cancellation of non-urgent surgeries. Read more

Azar lays part of blame for Covid-19 death toll on state of Americans' health. cnn.com, May 17: Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Sunday suggested that the underlying health conditions of Americans, in particular in minority communities, contributed significantly to the death toll from the coronavirus. Read more

WHO Asks Countries to Make Covid Vaccines Universally Available. bloomberg.com, May 15: The World Health Organization is pushing a proposal that aims to ensure broad access to Covid-19 treatments and vaccines while offering an appropriate reward to creators. Read more

FDA approves at-home nasal swab test kit for COVID-19. thehill.com, May 16: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted emergency clearance for a coronavirus testing kit that allows people to take a nasal sample in their own home and send it to a laboratory for diagnostic testing. Read more

India develops ‘COVID Kavach’ that tests 90 samples together. weeklyvoice.com, May 16: The National Institute of Virology in Pune has successfully developed the first indigenous anti-SARS-CoV-2A (Covid-19) human IgG ELISA test kit for antibody detection of the deadly virus. Read more

U.S. employers wary of coronavirus 'immunity' tests as they move to reopen. reuters.com, May 15: ...Mercer…found 8% of companies said they would include antibody tests in plans to screen employees. Interest in antibody tests from employers has fallen in recent weeks as reports have suggested that it is too early to conclude that antibodies to the new coronavirus translate into immunity. Read more

Coronavirus: European countries further relax restrictions. bbc.com, May 18: Italy and Spain are among a number of European countries further easing their coronavirus lockdown restrictions on Monday. Read more

Coronavirus: Spain aims to welcome back foreign visitors by late June. news.sky.com, May 18: Spain will welcome back foreigners once its own nationals can move freely around the country, its transport minister has said. Read more

Coronavirus: Ireland begins first phase of easing lockdown restrictions. news.sky.com, May 18: Some shops are reopening and people can meet in groups of four as part of the first phase of Ireland's roadmap out of lockdown. Read more

President Donald Trump said Monday that he has been taking anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine for over a week to prevent coronavirus infection even though it is not yet a proven treatment. cnbc.com, May 18: Read more

Whistleblower Rick Bright: The 60 Minutes interview. cbsnews.com, May 17: Dr. Rick Bright says he's trained his entire life to recognize outbreaks and viruses. But when he sounded the alarm about the impending coronavirus pandemic, he says the Trump administration ignored his warnings and eventually pushed him out of his job. Watch 13:14

FDA Warns Rapid Coronavirus Test Touted By White House May Give False Negatives. huffingtonpost.ca, May 15: A preliminary study has cast doubt on the efficacy of the Abbott device, which can provide results in minutes. Read more

China Has 5 Vaccine Candidates in Human Trials, With More Coming. bloomberg.com, May 15: China has a total of five possible vaccines for the coronavirus already in human trials and more will be approved next month. Read more

Coronavirus vaccine: Macaque monkey trial offers hope. bbc.com, May 15: A vaccine against coronavirus appears to have provided protection against the disease Covid-19 in six rhesus macaque monkeys. Read more

Opinion: After COVID-19, where does the US pharma and biotech industry stand? diginomica.com, May 15. The push for COVID-19 treatments has stoked the fires on big questions about the US pharmaceutical industry, including drug pricing and conflicting data on drug effectiveness. Read more

Doctors across Canada seeing a drop in number of routine child vaccinations. theglobeandmail.com, May 18: Some parents appear to be avoiding routine vaccinations over fears that going to a health care facility could increase the risk of contracting COVID-19. Read more

Ontario announces independent commission for pandemic’s impact on long-term care system. theglobeandmail.com, May 19: Merrilee Fullerton, Minister of Long-Term Care, announced on Tuesday that the government will launch the commission in September, and finalize details over the next several months on the scope of the review and who will participate. Read more

Sink your teeth into it – Good oral health may boost your brain health. mindovermatter.womensbrains.webfactional.com, May: Considerable research has been conducted in recent years to examine the relationship between oral health and cognitive function. Much of that research has found that poorer oral is linked with greater cognitive decline. Read more (See pages 25-28)

Sarnia doctors launch virtual care app. balckburnnews.com, May 18: A group of Sarnia doctors has launched a free virtual care app to connect with patients during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Read more

Announcement of CADR-NCOHR National Student Research Group. ncohr.rcrsb.ca, May 15: The Canadian Association for Dental Research and the Network for Canadian Oral Health Research are pleased to announce the newly elected Executive body of the CADR-NCOHR National Student Research Group. Read more

Pediatric dentistry graduate program alumnae score in top 3% on US exam. news.umanitoba.ca, May 19: Two graduates of the Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry’s pediatric dentistry graduate program were awarded the 2019 Richard C. Pugh Achievement Award. Rena Sihra and Tara Kennedy received the honour which goes to those who score in the top three per cent on the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Qualifying Examination. Read more

CADTH Board of Directors Names Suzanne McGurn as Next President and CEO. cadth.ca, May 19: The CADTH Board of Directors announced today that Suzanne McGurn has been appointed as the next President and Chief Executive Officer of CADTH, effective July 6, 2020. Read more

Johnson & Johnson to discontinue talc-based baby powder in Canada and U.S. ctvnews.ca, May 19: Johnson & Johnson has decided to permanently discontinue its talc-based baby powder in Canada and the U.S. and is blaming “misinformation” about the product for the decision. Read more

Former health minister Rona Ambrose joins board of e-cigarette company Juul. ctvnews.ca, May 18: Her new position was announced in an email sent to Juul staff on Friday, citing her work on reducing smoking rates while federal health minister, which included introducing a cigarette tax, regulations to combat marketing flavoured tobacco products, and regulations around e-cigarettes aimed at preventing underage use. Read more

SmileDirectClub files $2.8B lawsuit against NBC. thehill.com, May 18: Oral care company SmileDirectClub filed a $2.8 billion lawsuit against NBC News Monday, accusing it of broadcasting a story with dozens of errors in it. Read more

Electronic Cigarette Use Might Cause Lung Dysfunction. mdmag.com, May 17: Electronic nicotine devices (END) could ultimately cause lung injuries or dysfunction for adolescents. Read more

ASH warns that the ban on sale of menthol cigarettes is long overdue as 280 children a day take up smoking in England. ash.org.uk, May 19: Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) welcomes the introduction of the ban on child-friendly menthol cigarettes on 20th May as an essential next step towards ending the tobacco epidemic Read more

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