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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2020/05/13

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world May 13. cbc.ca, May 13: The latest: Quebec summer projections vary widely depending on circumstances. Ontario says 'Stage 1' for reopening some businesses imminent. What Canada can learn from other countries about lifting lockdown measures too soon. Your COVID-19 questions answered. INTERACTIVE | See the latest data on coronavirus cases in Canada, and more. Read more

Health Canada authorizes serological test for COVID-19 antibodies. cbc.ca, May 12: Health Canada says it has authorized the first COVID-19 serological test for use in the country to detect antibodies specific to the virus. Read more

Interferon emerges as potential treatment for COVID-19. theglobeandmail.com, May 12: In the race to find an effective therapy for COVID-19, a class of drugs called interferons may be stepping into the spotlight thanks to encouraging results from two clinical trials. Read more

COVID-19 crisis prompts federal government to look at boosting vaccine production capacity. nationalpost.com, May 13: Canada's current plants wouldn't be able to produce enough COVID-19 vaccine to supply doses to the millions of Canadians who will want it. Read more

Wider testing, surveillance needed to catch asymptomatic COVID-19 cases: experts. globalnews.ca, May 13: ... Currently in Canada, anyone with symptoms can be tested for COVID-19. But that means many are falling through the cracks and could be spreading the virus. Read more

Ontario's top doctor not confident about reopening, after Ford says details of Stage 1 coming Thursday. cbc.ca, May 12: Province extends state of emergency to June 2; cases rise for 2nd straight day after 6-week low. Read more

Businesses get set to reopen while facing employees' fears and anxieties. cbc.ca, May 13: …but what's not mentioned is how employers can help their employees who may be anxious or fearful about returning to what is usually a close-contact environment. Read more

Canada-U.S. border expected to stay closed to non-essential travel to June 21. theglobeandmail.com, May 13: The Canada-U.S. border is expected to stay closed to non-essential travel until June 21 to safeguard citizens in both countries from the spread of COVID-19. Read more

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world Tuesday. cbc.ca, May 12: Federal government announces up to $500 in aid for seniors struggling because of COVID-19. A major airline will 'most likely' go bust this year because of COVID-19, Boeing CEO says. Stress, anxiety a heavy burden for people who can't work from home or properly isolate. Read more

Chinese coronavirus vaccine could be tested, manufactured in Canada. ca.reuters.com, May 12: China’s CanSino Biologics Inc, the company behind one of the few coronavirus vaccine candidates already in clinical trials, is collaborating with Canada’s National Research Council to “pave the way” for future trials in Canada. Read more

University of Windsor prof, top world expert, says COVID-19 shows medical supply chains are inadequate. windsorstar.com, May 11: The University of Windsor professor…has warned for years medical networks must be updated and digitally enabled. Read more

How B.C. aggressively 'flattened' its curve. macleans.ca, May 11: The growing evidence that B.C. has weathered the coronavirus pandemic more comfortably than its Canadian neighbours has left many wondering why. Read more

B.C. moves to 'safe supply' as overdose deaths spike during COVID-19 pandemic. cbc.ca, May 12: ...But it took a second public health emergency — the COVID-19 pandemic — for the guidance on safe supply to be announced. Read more

Majority of Canadians do not approve of a mandatory contact tracing app: Mainstreet poll. ipolitics.ca, May 12: Most Canadians wouldn’t support governments requiring them to download a tracking app to try to reduce the spread of COVID-19, a new Mainstreet Research poll suggests. Read more

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world. cbc.ca, May 11: Rent relief key to restarting economy, not just covering costs of pandemic closures, say business advocates. Do I have the right to refuse work? Your COVID-19 questions answered. Read more

Coronavirus: Ontario residents bracing for mental health crisis triggered by COVID-19, polls suggests. globalnews.ca, May 11: A new poll from one of Canada’s leading mental health organizations says Ontario residents are bracing for a mental health crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

USask announces tuition plans for the 2020/21 academic year. news.usask.ca, May 7: The University of Saskatchewan (USask) is implementing a tuition freeze for 2020/21 for a majority of its programs due to the impacts of COVID-19 on students. Read more

Canada's jobless rate soars to 13 per cent in April. ctvnews.ca, May 8: The Canadian economy lost almost two million jobs in April, a record high, as the closure of non-essential services to slow the spread of COVID-19 forced businesses to shutter temporarily. Read more

Doctors warn against claims that Beijing-touted health supplement distributed in Canada treats COVID-19. cbc.ca, May 7: Chinese embassy distributes traditional medicine to students in Canada as part of 'health-care package'. Read more

Privacy experts support call for national plan for COVID-19 contact tracing app. business.financialpost.com, May 6: When the prime minister, premiers and territorial leaders hold an online meeting later this week the agenda will include pressure by Ontario Premier Doug Ford for a national plan for contact tracing apps. Read more

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). who.int, May 12: Situation Report – 113. Read more

Live updates: Countries that reopened are closing down again as coronavirus infections spike. washingtonpost.com, May 13: House Democrats proposed a sprawling $3 trillion coronavirus rescue bill that would include funding for state governments and another round of stimulus checks. Republicans rejected it before even seeing it. California State University, the largest four-year public university system in the country, will go without in-person instruction for most classes in the fall. More than 100,000 small businesses across the country have closed for good since March, according to economists. Read more

Moderna coronavirus vaccine receives FDA fast-track designation. thehill.com, May 12: The biotechnology company Moderna announced Tuesday that the Food and Drug Administration has given them fast-track designation, which is designed to expedite the development of treatments for life-threatening diseases such as COVID-19. Read more

CDC guidance more restrictive than White House: AP Exclusive. ctvnews.ca, May 13: Advice from the top U.S. disease control experts on how to safely reopen businesses and institutions during the coronavirus pandemic was more detailed and restrictive than the plan released by the White House last month. Read more

WHO sees 'potentially positive data' in treating coronavirus. ca.reuters.com, May 12: The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that some treatments appear to be limiting the severity or length of the COVID-19 disease and that it was focusing on learning more about four or five of the most promising ones. Read more

As nations reopen, warning emerges about virus tracing voids. ctvnews.ca, May 11: A top world health official Monday warned that countries are essentially driving blind in reopening their economies without setting up strong contact tracing to beat back flare-ups of the coronavirus. Read more

FDA authorizes use of Abbott's COVID-19 antibody test on second system. reuters.com, May 11: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Monday authorized the emergency use of Abbott Laboratories’ coronavirus test for detecting antibodies using another of its diagnostic platforms. Read more

New coronavirus test is imperfect step toward mass screening. apnews.com, May 11: A new type of coronavirus test offers a cheaper, quicker way to screen for infections, moving the U.S. toward the kind of mass screening that experts say is essential to returning millions of Americans to school and work. Read more

Algeria starts coronavirus test kits production. reuters.com, May 11: Algeria has started producing rapid test kits for the novel coronavirus, with a detection time of 15 minutes and a production capacity of 200,000 units per week. Read more

WHO warns that coronavirus cases have jumped in countries that eased lockdowns. cnbc.com, May 11: Several countries that have lifted coronavirus restrictions and reopened businesses have seen jumps in coronavirus cases, underscoring the “challenges that may lie ahead”. Read more

Colby Cosh: Smoking out the paradox — two contending theories on cigarettes and COVID-19. nationalpost.com, May 12: If nicotine turns out to be useful in treating or preventing COVID-19, we already have access to smoking-cessation products that offer controlled doses of it. Read more

Where there's smoke — the cigarettes-and-COVID story is growing harder to ignore. nationalpost.com, May 11: For smokers to do better in ANY health measure taken from ANY sample in ANY situation is astonishing. But now we have two studies showing that smokers do better with COVID. Read more

Smokers more likely to develop severe COVID-19 complications: study. ctvnews.ca, May 11: A new study investigating correlations between smoking, COVID-19, and a type of lung disease called COPD has found that current smokers are at a higher risk of dying from COVID-19 than non-smokers. Read more

Coordinated strategy to accelerate multiple COVID-19 vaccine candidates is key, NIH experts say. nih.gov, May 11: A harmonized and collaborative approach to the clinical testing, scale-up and distribution of candidate vaccines to prevent COVID-19 is essential, scientific leaders write in a perspective published today in Science. Read more

Artificial Intelligence transforms search for COVID-19 vaccines, cure. healio.com, May 11: Developers are using artificial intelligence to help researchers comb through thousands of studies and find relevant COVID-19 information for the development of potential treatments and vaccines. Read more

Nova Scotia signs off on stiffest vaping regulations in Canada. cbc.ca, May 11: An order in council signed last week amending the Tobacco Access Act regulations will restrict the sale of e-liquids to a maximum nicotine concentration of 20 milligrams per millilitre. Read more

Pediatricians seeing a growing demand for medical cannabis for kids. theconversation.com, May 10: Most Canadian pediatricians are shying away from medical cannabis for patients, knowing that it can hurt the developing brain and that there isn’t much research to guide them. Read more

Water fluoridation not linked to increased risk of osteosarcoma, study shows. medicalxpress.com, May 12: The Journal of Dental Research published today the results of a study that demonstrated that community water fluoridation is not associated with increased risk of osteosarcoma. Read more

Oakland Bans Sale of Flavored, Menthol Tobacco Products In Tobacco Stores, Pharmacies. sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com, May 12: The Oakland City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to ban the sale of flavored and menthol tobacco products at all tobacco stores and pharmacies. Read more

New review finds fluoride is not a developmental neurotoxicant at exposure levels relevant to fluoridation. openparachute.wordpress.com, May 11: A new extensive review of the scientific literature has concluded that fluoride is not a human developmental neurotoxicant at the current exposure levels in Europe. Read more

E-Cigarettes More Harmful Than Thought: Study. nltimes.nl, May 12: While it will still take decades to come to a definitive answer regarding how harmful e-cigarettes are, "it is now clear that the product is more harmful than initially assumed. Read more

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