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Ceramic veneers outperform composite laminate veneers after 10 years


Ceramic veneers on maxillary anterior teeth perform significantly better after 10 years than composite indirect laminate veneers with respect to survival rate and quality of surviving restorations. The findings are from a study published in the July issue of Journal of Dentistry.

Through a randomized clinical trial, the authors aimed to measure the 10-year performance of maxillary anterior laminate veneers made from particulate-filled composite and ceramic in a split-mouth design. Restoration survival was the trial’s primary outcome, and quality of survival was the secondary outcome.

The IPS Empress (Ivoclar Vivadent) layering and lost wax technique was used to make glass ceramic veneers according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A cutback of 0.2 through 0.8 mm was performed after wax-up to allow for layering of the veneering ceramic. The layering technique was used to make indirect composite laminate veneers, which were heat-and photo-polymerized according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Contour strips were placed interproximally to perform a smooth restoration outline in the cervical area.

The laminate veneers were luted by applying a photo-polymerizing resin composite cement to the inner surface of the laminates. Veneers were photo-polymerized with a light-emitting diode lamp of at least 800 milliwatts per square centimeter for 3 seconds at the buccal surface. Excess composite at the margins was removed with brushes, scalers, and dental floss. Buccal, oral, and proximal surfaces were polymerized for 40 more seconds.

Clinical Relevance

  1. In this study, the ceramic veneers on maxillary anterior teeth performed significantly better compared to the composite indirect laminate veneers after a decade, both in terms of survival rate and in terms of quality of the surviving restorations.
  2. When indicated, anterior ceramic laminate veneers may be preferred over indirect composite laminate veneers.

Original Article

M.M.M. Gresnigt, M.S. Cune, K. Jansen, S.A.M. van der Made, M. Özcan, Randomized clinical trial on indirect resin composite and ceramic laminate veneers: Up to 10-year findings, Journal of Dentistry, Volume 86, 2019, Pages 102-109

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