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Women in Dentistry: Work. Life. Balance. With Dr. Lynn Tomkins


Dr. Lynn Tomkins is a general dentist and a member of the CDA Board of Directors. She joins Dr. John O’Keefe to talk about her participation in a recent panel discussion organized by the Women in Dentistry group at the University of Toronto.

Featuring five women currently working in dentistry, each with various experiences and at different stages in their careers, the panel convened to answer student questions. 

The panel was held for one hour following a student clinic and took a specific focus on questions particular to female dentists and female dental students. 

In this Oasis conversation, Dr. Tomkins speaks about:

  • Sharing her experience and expertise about being a woman in leadership positions within organized dentistry
  • Her collaboration with panel organizer and founder of Women in Dentistry: Work. Life. Balance, Dr. Effie Habsha.
  • Encouraging female dentists to get involved in local dental societies and associations to enhance their careers and build their skills and confidence.
  • Ensuring that input from female dentists is heard and reflected in organizational values and activities.
  • Relaying some of the key messages gathered from other panelists and key questions received from the audience.

 Learn more about Women in Dentistry: Work. Life. Balance.

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