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Welcome to the Toronto Academy of Dentistry and Its 2019 Winter Clinic !

In this conversation, Dr. John O’Keefe speaks to Dr. Rejane Correa, a Hamilton-based general dentist and current President of the Toronto Academy of Dentistry, about the Academy’s work and how it supports its members.

In this Oasis conversation, Dr. Correa talks about:

  • The history and structure of the Toronto Academy of Dentistry and its role within the city’s broader dentistry community.
  • The upcoming 2019 Winter Clinic open to dentists and their teams.
  • The continuing education (CE) courses available at the 2019 Winter Clinic.
  • Events and charitable activities.
  • Her goals for strengthening the Academy during her tenure as president.
  • Appealing to younger colleagues and young dentists.

Learn more about the Toronto Academy of Dentistry and their work as well as the upcoming 2019 Winter Clinic.

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CDA Oasis Team

Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

Oasis Moment/Preview (3.12″)

Watch the Full Conversation (12.49″)


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