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Preventing Infections in Older Adults: The Importance of Good Oral Health

Review Article Abstract: The Prevention of Infections in Older Adults: Oral Health

Older adults are at high-risk for oral infections and any associated complications that may result in tooth loss. Over time, tooth loss impacts nutrition, appearance, and physical health; and ultimately hinders healthy ageing.

I am joined by Dr. Patrick P. Coll, MD, and Dr. Sree Raghavendra, DMD, to discuss their recent review article published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society. The review presents evidence of the role and significance of oral health in preventing infections in older adults.

Dr. Patrick P. Coll, MD, is a Professor of Family Medicine and Medicine and Dr. Sree Raghavendra, DMD, is an Assistant Professor in Craniofacial Science also at the University of Connecticut Health Center.    


In this conversation, you will hear about:

  • The authors’ impetus for undertaking this review from a healthy ageing and oral health perspective. 
  • Evidence supporting the associations between systemic health and oral health within the dental and medical literature. 
  • The multi-factorial nature of systemic diseases and the importance of preventing oral infections. 
  • The findings related to the relationship between oral health and overall health. 
  • Recommendations to include an oral exam and oral hygiene education during patients’ annual physical exam with a medical doctor. 
  • Key article takeaways for Canadian dentists and health professionals, including the appropriate use of antibiotic prophylaxis prior to a dental procedure. 
  • The importance of inter-professional communication among and between dentists and physicians.
  • The importance of educating physicians about common oral diseases and how to prevent them. 

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Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager

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