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ICD Leadership Conversations: Serving Remote Communities with Dr. Dave Ciriani

In this post, we’re continuing our series of discussions with Fellows of the International College of Dentists about how they practice, what drives their career choices, and more practically, how they’re spending their time. Today we’re bringing you this conversation with Dr. Dave Ciriani, a general practice dentist based in Kamloops, BC. 

About Dr. Ciriani

Dr. Ciriani studied dentistry at the University of British Columbia and graduated a Doctor of Medical Dentistry in 1987. He operated a practice in Smithers, B.C for 14 years, providing all aspects of dental care in a semi-remote northern community, including surgical and restorative dental services in a hospital setting with the use of general anaesthetic, as well as regular and on-call geriatric care to the local long-term care facility. In 2000, Dr. Ciriani left Smithers to assume a practice in Kamloops where he has since been engaged in professional committees and community service while providing all aspects of dental care within an urban setting. 

During this conversation, Dr. Ciriani discusses:

  • Providing dental services to remote and Indigenous/First Nations communities. 
  • The Children’s Oral Health Initiative COHI preventative oral health program.
  • What dental services and instruction are provided through the program to Indigenous/First Nations communities.
  • The role of dental hygienists and assistants.
  • Applying the COHI model in other under-served communities. 
  • Tips and considerations for students and dentists considering a rural practice. 
  • General advice for young dental students about getting involved with associations that drive dentistry. 
  • Navigating difficult career decisions throughout a dental career.

Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

Oasis Moment/Preview (1.40″)

Full Conversation (23.05″)

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