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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2019/09/25


Top News

Health Fact Sheets – Dental Care, 2018

Leading Health Organizations Support First-Ever Consensus Recommendations to Encourage Young Children’s Consumption of Healthy Drinks

N.S. Public Health unable to offer school-based fluoride this year due to shortage


Federal Elections

Conservatives pledge review of tax system to ease headaches for small businesses. cbc.ca: Scheer said today that, if elected, he would reverse the decision by the Liberals that increased the tax rate on small business investments and made it harder for companies to pay dividends to family members. Read more

Les conservateurs veulent alléger la facture fiscale des petites entreprises. ici.radio-canada.ca: Andrew Scheer promet moins d’impôts et de règlements. Lire plus

NDP’s dental plan seen as smart policy – but some costs are uncertain. cbc.ca: Dentists say it will alleviate a great deal of suffering for many who can’t afford care. … “We’re very interested to understand clearly who is going to be covered and what will be covered and to what degree,” says Dr. Sandy Mutchmor, president of the Canadian Dental Association. Read more

NDP acting fiscally responsible by not offering dental care to all at once: taxpayers federation. globalnews.ca: The Canadian Dental Association told Global News it needs more information on exactly who will be helped by the NDP plan and how it will roll out, noting there are a number of vulnerable groups that don’t have access to good care, especially Indigenous youth. Read more

NDP explains why its dental plan care is ‘better’ than the Green Party’s plan. global news.ca: Watch 1:49

Maxime Bernier says addressing Indigenous water issues a ‘first priority’ if elected. cbc.ca: The leader of the People’s Party of Canada says if his party gets elected, one of the first issues it will tackle is addressing boil water advisory issues in Indigenous communities across the country. Read more

Liberals promise improved access to family doctors, mental health care and prescription drugs. cbc.ca: The Liberals are promising to ensure all Canadians have access to a family doctor, mental health services and prescription drugs, but have released few details on how a re-elected Liberal government would implement a national pharmacare program or how much it would cost. Read more

Soins dentaires : «La carte d’assurance maladie et non de crédit», propose Dusseault. latribune.ca: Le député sortant de Sherbrooke, Pierre-Luc Dusseault, souhaite mettre de l’avant un plan de couverture universelle des soins dentaires pour les Canadiens. Le projet du Nouveau parti démocratique du Canada (NPD) prévoit l’inclusion de ce type de soins dans la loi canadienne pour la santé, qui détermine les paramètres de couverture des 13 régimes d’assurance-maladie provinciaux et territoriaux. Lire plus

Conservatives promise to spend $1.5B to buy new medical imaging equipment. cbc.ca: Scheer said a Conservative government would buy MRI and CT machines to replace aging ones, and that the move would reduce wait times. Read more


Canadian Dentistry News

Health Fact Sheets – Dental Care, 2018. statcan.gc.ca: This is a Health fact sheet about oral care habits, visits to dental professionals, dental insurance, and cost barriers for the Canadian population aged 12 and older. The results shown are based on data from the Canadian Community Health Survey. Read more

Search for National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) Director of Examinations. ndeb-bned.ca: The NDEB is currently seeking a respected dentist and team leader as its new Director of Examinations. Read more

Dr. Allison Elected President of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. mcgill.ca: Dentistry Professor Dr. Paul Allison begins his tenure as President of the CAHS as Dean Emami is inducted as Fellow. Read more

Introducing the 12-member CDSBC Board. cdsbc.org: CDSBC has received Ministerial Order No M301 confirming the draft amended Bylaws, posted on August 15, 2019, have been filed and came into effect on September 16, 2019. Read more

Nova Scotian with ALS getting medically assisted death, donating organs. cbc.ca: From a hospital bed set up in his kitchen in his Lunenburg, N.S., home, 71-year-old Dr. Brian Davis is excited about his future, even though it includes his imminent death. On Thursday, the former dentist and Lunenburg town councillor will be transported in an ambulance to the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax and will be the first Nova Scotian with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) to be a multiple organ donor following a medically assisted death. Read more

N.S. Public Health unable to offer school-based fluoride this year due to shortage. atlantic.ctvnews.ca, Sept 23: A nation-wide shortage of fluoride mouth rinse means Nova Scotia’s school-based fluoride program will be skipping a year. Read more

NDP Government Breaking Health Care Promise to BC Seniors. morningstar.com: The Denturist Association of BC (DABC) is not supportive of the proposed government amendments to the Denturists regulations. The DABC has expressed concern that while other provincial legislatures in Canada have modernized the Scope of Practice for the denturist profession, this NDP government has stepped backwards. The NDP has failed in their promise to deliver efficient, modern access for all patients including seniors. Denturists are safely delivering expanded services in other provinces; however, BC’s Health Minister refuses to move BC’s denturists regulations into the 21st century. Read more

Un prix pour Vicky Arrata au concours national de l’Association dentaire canadienne. fmd.ulaval.ca : L’étudiante de 3e année du D.M.D. Vicky Arrata s’est mérité le second prix du concours national des chercheurs étudiants de l’Association dentaire canadienne, présenté par Dentsply-Sirona. Lire plus

What’s new with the Ontario Senior Dental Care Program? bramptonguardian.com: Low-income seniors in Peel will soon transition from a regional to provincial dental care program. Here’s what you need to know. Read more


International Dentistry News

Coalition supports plan to remove non-tobacco flavored e-cigarettes. ada.org: The ADA and more than 50 organizations led by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids are commending the White House for its plan to remove all non-tobacco flavored e-cigarettes from the market, including mint and menthol flavors. Read more

Leading Health Organizations Support First-Ever Consensus Recommendations to Encourage Young Children’s Consumption of Healthy Drinks. aapd.org: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, American Academy of Pediatrics and American Heart Association Recommend Breast Milk, Infant Formula, Water and Plain Milk for Babies and Kids. Read more and Full Guidelines

‘GP at Hand’ style apps offer no quick fix to NHS access crisis. bda.org: The BDA has expressed scepticism over the role of tele consultations in dentistry, following the launch of the new app Tooth Fairy. Read more

New mobile phone app lets dentists diagnose patients and even prescribe antibiotics over a video call. dailymail.co.uk: Tooth Fairy is the UK’s first dental video calling app that patients use from home. Read more

66% of dentists think dental care is too expensive: survey. beckersdental.com: While researchers continue to explore the relationship between overall health and oral health, many Americans struggle with accessing dental care. Read more and read the DentalQuest full survey

Lack of toothbrushing for seniors a serious health risk. idahopress.com: Elderly people in nursing homes often go without a good toothbrushing. … This lack of basic care is big issue for seniors in nursing homes, who number about 1.3 million. It is an example of serious challenges that these facilities face in keeping people healthy. Read more

NZ Dental Association looking for funding to help low-income people receive care. tvnz.co.nz: The New Zealand Dental Association has commissioned a report looking at different options for funding low income dentistry in New Zealand. Dr. Katie Ayers of the New Zealand Dental Association appeared on Seven Sharp to discuss what they hope to achieve. Read more

Ideology can’t trump evidence on public health, as Sugar Levy delivers. bda.org: The BDA has insisted that ideological preferences must not stall essential progress on sugar reduction, as new evidence reveals the compulsory levy on fizzy drinks has made greater inroads to reduce sugar levels than voluntary initiatives. The progress report on the sugar reduction programme between 2015 and 2018 reveals sugar levels in drinks covered by the levy reduced ten times faster than in foods such as biscuits, cakes, sweets and puddings subject to a voluntary “challenge” to companies to reduce levels of sugar. Read more

New technology to improve dental implant bridges receives US patent. news-medical.net: New technology to improve dental implant bridges invented by Dr. Avinash Bidra, associate professor at the UConn School of Dental Medicine, recently received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Read more

English consuming more sugar despite tax and anti-obesity drive. theguardian.com: Public Health England figures deal blow to government’s drive to combat obesity. The rise has come even though the sugar tax, introduced last year, is proving a success and has led to a 28.8% drop in the amount of sugar contained in soft drinks. Read more

Drilling into the future of robot-assisted dentistry. crainscleveland.com: Jonathan Ross is the first provider in Ohio to offer the new Yomi robotic technology, which assists him in dental implant surgery. Read more

HHS Awards over $85 Million to Help Health Centers Expand Access to Oral Health Care. hhs.gov: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) awarded over $85 million to 298 health centers to expand their oral health service capacity through new infrastructure enhancements. These investments are the first by HRSA to solely focus on oral health infrastructure and will enable HRSA-funded health centers to provide new, or enhance existing, oral health services. Read more

Yates Foundation makes $1.25 million donation | Money to benefit Arkansas Children’s dental program. texarkanagazette.com: The gift will increase access to dental care for 17,000 children in Southwest Arkansas. Read more


Clinical & Scientific News

How seniors perceive oral health may make all the difference whether they will seek treatment, according to study. medicalxpress.com: New research at the School of Dental Medicine at Case Western Reserve University looks to change the strategy in identifying seniors’ perception. The idea is to find a correlation between seniors who value dental care and those who seek it out, despite the cost, transportation to appointments and other common barriers. Read more

Gum disease linked with higher risk of hypertension. sciencedaily.com: People with gum disease (periodontitis) have a greater likelihood of high blood pressure (hypertension), according to a study published today in Cardiovascular Research, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). Read more

Oral Health Effects of Tobacco Products: Science and Regulatory Policy Proceedings Published in Advances in Dental Research. iadr.org: On September 14, 2018 AADR held the “Oral Health Effects of Tobacco Products: Science and Regulatory Policy” meeting in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The papers resulting from this conference are published in the latest issue of Advances in Dental Research, an e-Supplement to the Journal of Dental Research (JDR). Read more

Integrating Preventive Oral Healthcare Into The Medical Management Of Diabetes: Early Findings From A Toronto Pilot Study. oralhealthgroup.com: This article outlines the reasons for starting this new oral healthcare service, how it has developed, the response by the patients, and the experience of the medical team. Read more

Influence of artificial aging on mechanical properties of commercially and non-commercially available zirconia dental implants. sciencedirect.com: To evaluate the effect of artificial aging on the mechanical resistance and micromechanical properties of commercially and noncommercially available zirconia dental implants. Read more

Teeth offer clues on Great Irish Famine diet. ed.ac.uk: Analysis of teeth from the 1840s has shed new light on what people ate before and during the Great Famine of Ireland. Read more

WVU School of Dentistry explores social impacts on oral health. wvnews.com: Researchers at the West Virginia School of Dentistry are looking beyond the appointment chair to examine how social support or lack thereof impacts children’s oral health. They investigated the relation between how much social support mothers felt they had and instances of cavities identified in their children’s teeth by dentists. Read more

Gum disease linked with higher risk of hypertension. eurekalert.org: People with gum disease (periodontitis) have a greater likelihood of high blood pressure (hypertension), according to a study published today in Cardiovascular Research, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). Read more

October 2019 Journal of Dental Research Centennial Featured Article: Tooth Bioengineering and Regenerative Dentistry. iadr.org: The October 2019 JDR Centennial article, “Tooth Bioengineering and Regenerative Dentistry” … discuss key successes that have contributed most to current knowledge and understanding of regenerative dentistry and hypothesize what to expect over the next century. Read more and read article.

October JADA finds anti-inflammatory, analgesic drugs do not prevent bleaching sensitivity. ada.org: Other articles in the October issue of JADA discuss longitudinal antibiotic-prescribing trends among U.S. dental specialists within a pharmacy benefits manager, filled dietary fluoride supplement prescriptions for Medicaid-enrolled children living in states with high and low water fluoridation coverage, and patients’ knowledge and opinions regarding osteoporosis, osteoporosis treatment and dental care. Read more

WVU School of Dentistry explores social impacts on oral health. wvnews.com: Daniel McNeil, a researcher for the school, along with colleagues, investigated the relation between how much social support mothers felt they had and instances of cavities identified in their children’s teeth by dentists. They found that the higher a mother scored on a measure of appraisal support — defined in this case as “the perceived availability of someone to talk to about problems” — the less likely her child was to have a lot of cavities. The results of their study were published in the journal Pediatric Dentistry. Read more


Your Health & Medical News

What you need to know about pharmacare. folio.ca: U of A health economist outlines pros and cons of proposed federal drug plan. Read more

Commonly used drug for Alzheimer’s disease increases risk of hospitalization for muscle breakdown. mediarelations.uwo.ca: A new study has found that a drug commonly used to manage symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias — donepezil — is associated with a two-fold higher risk of hospital admission for rhabdomyolysis, a painful condition of muscle breakdown, compared to similar medications. Read more

Combining cardio, resistance training best for breast cancer patients, study suggests. folio.ca: Regular exercise during and after chemotherapy improves quality of life and reduces cancer-related symptoms, U of A researcher finds. Read more

Opinion: Take down the barriers to telemedicine. montrealgazette.com: Given that the technologies behind telemedicine exist and are proven, why do Canada’s health-care systems remain stuck in the past? Read more

Health professionals express concerns over rates of youth hospitalizations due to substance use. cihi.ca: A new Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) analysis reveals that a substantial number of people age 10 to 24 are being hospitalized for harmful substance use and highlights the impacts of cannabis, alcohol, opioids and other substances on youth in Canada. Read more

United States Gathers 350 Commitments to Combat Antibiotic Resistance, Action Must Continue. cdc.gov: As yearlong ‘AMR Challenge’ concludes, progress continues worldwide to combat deadly public health threat. Read more

“Immediate action is needed to respond to the crisis in youth vaping”: CMA among health groups calling for federal action on e-cigarettes. cma.ca: Eight leading Canadian health organizations, including the CMA, are urging the federal government to restrict the marketing of vaping products – with the same kinds of restrictions in place for tobacco products. Read more

Remarks prepared for testimony before a U.S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on FDA Regulation of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Investigation of Vaping Illnesses. fda.gov: Statement from Acting Commissioner of Food and Drugs – Food and Drug Administration Norman E. “Ned” Sharples MD. Read more

Front Burner –Vaping sickness: what we know and what we don’t. cbc.ca: The Globe and Mail’s health reporter, André Picard, on what we know, and what we don’t, about vaping and health after one Canadian was put on life-support, and eight Americans died from vaping-related illnesses. Listen 23:39

Nicotine vaping increasing among teens. healio.com: Use of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine among adolescents more than doubled from 2017 to 2019, according to data published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Read more

Study finds doctors fail to help teens quit smoking. modernhealthcare.com: Researchers say providers have largely failed to use the tools that exist to help young people quit smoking despite the growing prevalence in vaping that’s led to the first increases in youth tobacco use in decades. Read more

As vaping-related illnesses hit Canada, a lung expert says we need to rethink e-cigarettes. cbc.ca: Grace Parraga says what we don’t know about vaping could hurt us. […] The move from vaping back to smoking is something Grace Parraga, a professor at Western University and the Canada Research Chair in Lung Imaging to Transform Outcomes, is seeing more often. Read more

Juul CEO is out, and it stops all advertising as vaping crisis escalates. cnn.com: Juul announced Wednesday that CEO Kevin Burns will be replaced by K.C. Crosthwaite. Read more

What Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy filing means for Canada. cbc.ca: Purdue Pharma Canada claims it is a ‘separate company’ from Purdue Pharma in U.S. Read more

Some plastic with your tea? mcgill.ca: A cup of tea may be a cure for rainy days, but the soothing cup of the brewed beverage may also come with a dose of micro- and nano-sized plastics shed from plastic bags, according to researchers at McGill University. Read more


Continuing Education Matters

Dalhousie University – Current course offerings

McGill University – Continuing dental education

Université Laval – Formation continue

University of Manitoba – Continuing professional development

Université de Montréal – Formation dentaire continue

University of Alberta – Program and courses

University of British Columbia – Calendar of courses

University of Saskatchewan – Continuing professional dental education

University of Toronto – Continuing dental education

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry University – Continuing professional development



November 8: Toronto Academy of Dentistry 82nd Winter Clinic. Save the date

November 29– December 4: Greater NY Dental Meeting, in New York, New York. Read more



January 30–February 1: Yankee Dental Congress – Advancing the Vision 2020, in Boston, Massachusetts. Read more

February 20–22: Chicago Dental Society 155th Midwinter Meeting – Kaleidoscope View 2020, in Chicago, Illinois. Read more

March 5–7: Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver, BC. Mark your calendars

March 19–20: Academy of Osseointegration 2020 Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. Read more

March 19-21: The Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta, GA. Read more

April 2–4: Manitoba Dental Association presents the 2020 MDA/CDA Convention – Seeing Dentistry Clearly, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Save the date

April 3–5: Special Care Dentistry Association 32nd Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. Read more

September 1–4: FDI World Dental Congress in Shanghai, China. Read more

October 1–3: Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics 28th Annual Scientific Meeting in Toronto, Ontario. Read more

October 4: North West Dental Exposition in Edmonton, Alberta. Read more


Please let us know about upcoming continuing education meetings that could be of interest to Canadian dentists by emailing us at oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca


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