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View from the Chairside: Mediocrity In Implants Requires No Effort

We are pleased to bring you another presentation by Dr. Paul Belzycki, general dentist from Toronto. This is the first in a series of presentations on how to to plan, design and restore implants. Dr. Belzycki highlights the importance of collaborating with multiple oral care professionals to achieve long-lasting implant restorations that achieve the needs of patients. 

For those who watch Dr. Belzycki’s work for the first time, Dr. Belzycki is a Toronto general dentist; and he regularly shares four decades of clinical experience with his colleagues. 

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Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager

Dr. Belzycki’s Thoughts

My deeply held opinion of dentistry, expressed throughout this series of presentations, is that success is no accidentOne does not bump into it at the end of treatment. No amount of wishing or prayer to supreme beings will bring it aboutIt must be designed into each case before hand touches a patient. 
Planning is particularly paramount with implant cases due to the high expectations of a patient undergoing therapy that is both extensive and expensiveImplant cases, by their very naturetypically involve a compromised oral condition. Factors, such as the health of adjacent teeth, bone anatomy, quality of gingiva in the surgical site pre- and post-operatively, inter-arch space, occlusal factors, and the general health of a patient, are but a few of the criteria that must be carefully considered before embarking on the implant adventure.
Careful planning is indispensable. As I have said in the past, one must envision all the steps required in a case before one starts. A plan A must be written down, as well as a plan B and C, in case plan A becomes unattainable. Such is our responsibility. It is my habit to claim to my patients that “Any Fool can do something poorly. I am not Any Fool”.
The next series of presentations will chronicle my growth and development with implant dentistry. As always, my presentations are not a substitute for proper formal training in any facet of dental protocols. It is not my place nor my desire for the viewer to follow my methodologies.  My hope is to provide guidance and insight to those clinicians with a passion for learning and delivering excellence for their patients.

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