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Oral Health Myth Busters: Do patients lose tooth enamel during pregnancy?

April is Oral Health Month and this year, CDA OASIS is busting myths and tackling topics including pregnancy and dental health, what really erodes enamel, sugar versus honey, cyber security for dentists, social media, and more! 

Today’s topic: pregnancy and enamel erosion. Take a look and have your say. 

True or False: Women lose tooth enamel throughout their pregnancy.


For the majority of mother’s to be, this is not true. However, for those who experience frequent and severe morning sickness, some enamel erosion might occur. Frequent vomiting from pregnancy can increase the amount of acid in the mouth which may compromise enamel. Remind patients struggling with nauseousness and vomiting to avoid brushing their teeth immediately after throwing up. This allows the acid to dissipate from the mouth before brushing.

What are your patients asking about oral health and pregnancy? We want to hear from you!

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Happy Oral Health Month!

CDA Oasis Team

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