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Systematic Interpretation of Dental Radiographs, Episode 7: Not Caries, Not Perio Disease, Then What is it?


Dr. Bob Wood, specialist in oral and maxillofacial radiology at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, joins Dr. John O’Keefe in the 7th episode of our video presentation series to help clinicians systematically review and interpret radiographs. Using real clinical cases, Dr. Wood articulates the required steps to get to an accurate interpretation that leads to a precise diagnosis. 

In this 7th episode, Dr. Wood takes a deep dive into radiological interpretation by delivering an in-depth presentation that includes tools and resources to help general practice dentists better interpret radiographic images and interpret abnormalities. 

Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

Download the Observation Checklist

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Oasis Moment/Preview (1.50″)

Watch the Full Conversation (36.42″)


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