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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2019/03/27


Top News

Dalhousie University dental student pushes for universal dental care program

Association of Chronic Periodontitis on Alzheimer’s Disease or Vascular Dementia

U of T receives $100-million gift for artificial intelligence and biomedicine complex, the school’s largest-ever donation

Budget 2019: Moving Forward on Implementing National Pharmacare

Quebec budget: Increased health spending focuses on seniors

Canadian Dentistry News

B.C. to improve access to dental care with $3.6 million to non-profit clinics. thestar.com: The province has increased funding to non-profit dental clinics providing free and low-cost dental care. Read more

Dalhousie University dental student pushes for universal dental care program. halifaxtoday.ca: Brandon Doucet says the burden of lack of proper dental care falls disproportionately on poor and working-class people. Read more

‘We have no choice’: Labrador woman forced to auction Christmas gifts to pay travel expenses for daughter’s dental work. thewesternstar.com: McLean was rejected by the Medical Assistance Travel Program because the dental procedures are not publicly insured by the province, and only procedures covered by MCP or the Newfoundland and Labrador Hospital Insurance Plan qualify for travel assistance. Read more

Fluoride formally approved by Windsor city council. cbc.ca: Fluoride has been approved to go back into Windsor’s water. Read more

Why this Ontario town is divided over fluoridation. tvo.org: Science has repeatedly proven the benefits of adding fluoride to tap water. So why is Tecumseh’s town council debating the issue? Read more

Mandel announces party’s plans for fluoride, dental checkups for children. edmontonjournal.com: A 2016 University of Calgary study, which compared tooth decay in Grade 2 students in Edmonton and Calgary, found fluoride cessation in Calgary had a negative impact on children’s dental health. Read more

Is a mail-order smile worth pursuing? New business touts teeth straightening for dramatically lower price. pressreader.com: The solution to your crooked smile is in the mail. That, in a nutshell, is the premise behind SmileDirectClub and other similar companies now offering at-home orthodontic teeth realignment. See attached

April 6–12 is National Dental Hygienists Week. cdha.ca: See what’s happening. Read more

International Dentistry News

Cadaver workshop at ADA FDI World Dental Congress helps advance participants’ anesthesia skills. ada.org: Drs. Budenz and Mel Hawkins, a Toronto-based dental anesthesiologist, will lead The Cutting Edge: A Human Cadaver Dissection for Local Anesthesia. Read more

Medicaid cuts, while aimed at access, still raise concerns. alaskapublic.org: Dr. David Logan, the executive director of the Alaska Dental Society, predicted this will lead to higher costs in the long run, as patients go to emergency rooms over and over again due to problems with their teeth and gums. Read more

Dental Students show off clinical skills in 2019 Grand Final. news.dentsplysirona.com: Now in its fifth year, this competition – the brainchild of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (RCSEd) and sponsored by Dentsply Sirona – is open to students from every dental school in the UK and Ireland, with heats held across the country to determine each school’s representative in the Grand Final. Read more

Thousands of people are traveling to Mexico for cheaper dental care. fox32chicago.com: Many Americans hunting for safe, affordable healthcare are heading south to Mexico. In fact, so many that a small border town has been nicknamed “Molar City” because of the huge number of dentists. Read more

UK schools get F for Fail in global survey of dental health. bda.org: The BDA has renewed its call on government to integrate oral health programmes and education within early years settings, as well as within curricula for older children, after the UK ranked last in a new global poll on oral health promotion in schools. Read more

NHS dentistry facing mass exodus of dentists. dentistry.co.uk: That’s according to Practice Plan’s 2018 NHS Confidence Monitor report, which asked 495 dentists about their levels of happiness within NHS dentistry. Read more

Soda taxes, ad limits, better labels: Doctors want to limit sugary drinks for kids, teens. usatoday.com: Citing concern about children’s health, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association are calling for sugary-drink taxes, limits on marketing to kids and teens, and more precise nutritional information on packaging. Read more

Lack of dental coverage for low-income adults in Delaware can have serious costs. delawarepublic.org: Thanks to Delaware’s 2014 Medicaid expansion, tens of thousands of low-income adults in Delaware were able to access preventive medical services. But one piece was missing: dental coverage. Read more

New Bill Would Expand Dental Coverage For Diabetic Nevadans. kunr.org: This session, lawmakers are trying to expand Medicaid dental coverage, including deep cleanings to remove plaque and tartar … for diabetic adults over the age of 21. Read more

House lawmakers weigh proposed state-wide ban on fluoride in public drinking water. wmur.com: The bill proposes putting a mandated state-wide ban on fluoride in the community water supplies. If passed, New Hampshire would be the first state in the country to abolish fluoride in water. Read more

Introducing the new 10 under 10 winners. ada.org: Selected by the ADA New Dentist Committee, the 2018 winners are driving dentistry forward and inspiring their colleagues through their work in science, research & education, practice excellence, philanthropy, leadership and advocacy. Read more

UK Hemophilia Care Teams Lack Knowledge on Bleeding Risks in Dental Procedures, Study Suggests. hemophilianewstoday.com: Hemophilia care providers in the U.K. have insufficient knowledge on how to assess the risk of prolonged bleeding associated with dental procedures, a study has found. Read more

Fear factor: why cost is the scariest part of going to the dentist in Australia. theguardian.com: We can’t talk about universal and equal healthcare without including dental health. Read more

Tooth hurts and no dental insurance? Here are 4 things you should know about dental discount plans. chicagotribune.com: Dental discount plans are a lesser-known option, used by just 5 percent of patients with private dental benefits, according to the latest survey figures from the National Association of Dental Plans. Here’s a look at how discount plans work and when they can make sense. Read more

Clinical & Scientific News

Association of Chronic Periodontitis on Alzheimer’s Disease or Vascular Dementia. onlinelibrary.wiley.com: Chronic periodontitis may be associated with a higher risk of developing dementia. Future studies that investigate whether preventing chronic periodontitis may lead to reduced risk of dementia are needed. Read more

New technique could help regrow tissue lost to periodontal disease. sciencedaily.com: … researchers report development of a membrane that helps periodontal tissue regenerate when implanted into the gums of rats. Read more

Dental enamel can’t regenerate, right? Think again. medicalxpress.com: Dental enamel is tricky stuff. Even though it’s the body’s hardest material, if it wears away from cavities, acidic food or drinks or overbrushing, it doesn’t regenerate. All that could change in the future, though. Ostrow Professor Janet Moradian-Oldak has been developing a special hydrogel that can promote the growth of an enamel-like surface on teeth and remineralize the dentin. Read more

The important role dental professionals play in educating patients about HPV prevention. dentistryiq.com: With the growing prevalence of oral HPV, Dr. Randi Tillman stresses that is critical for dental professionals to understand what they should look for in their patients, and how they can play a role in advocating for oral cancer prevention. Read more

Journal Bites – Cannabis and Periodontitis. rcdso.org: Given Canada’s recent legalization of the recreational use of cannabis, the findings of this clinical study in the Journal of Periodontology are particularly relevant for dental practitioners treating patients that use cannabis. Read more

Mind Your Business

3 ways to immediately increase production in your dental practice. dentistryiq.com: Different strategies require different levels of time and complexity, and in the interest of both your time and sanity, I’ve whittled those 42 strategies down to three that will give you very quick results. Read more

Clearing Up Misconceptions: Myths and Facts About Counselling. cdspi.com: Although it’s becoming less of a taboo topic, there are still many mistaken ideas about what counselling is and who it’s for. Read more

The 10 most useful apps for dentists. dentistryiq.com: There are many great apps that can help modern dentists gain efficiency and effectiveness in running their dental practices. To give you some ideas about how apps can improve your practice, Dr. Melissa Bailey has compiled a list of what I think are the 10 best apps for dental professionals available today. Read more

Patient Information

Oral Health Awareness. cdha.ca: Dental hygienists offer tips to improve your oral health at any age. Read more

Social story for children with autism. dentist.ie: Read more

Your Health & Medical News

Task force launching to examine national licensure for virtual care. cmajnews.com: The Canadian Medical Association (CMA), Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and the College of Family Physicians of Canada are launching a task force to explore what regulatory changes are needed to allow doctors to deliver telemedicine across provincial and territorial borders. Read more

10 health stories that mattered this week. cmajnews.com: Federal budget health promises, new concussion guidelines for Olympic athletes, a position statement on treatment for Lyme disease, and more in this week’s top Canadian health news. Read more

Federal budget disappoints on universal pharmacare. cmajnews.com: The Trudeau government announced support for a national drug agency and formulary, but not a national pharmacare program. Read more

CMA President-Elect Nominee Dr. Ann Collins to focus on health of seniors, youth and physicians. cmajnews.com: Collins has been a family doctor for more than 30 years and she is eyeing her next challenge: becoming president of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Read more

A new drug promises to lower risks of asthma attack. theconversation.com: A recent study shows that a gamechanger drug called Fevipiprant promises to lower patients’ risks of suffering an asthma attack and being admitted to a hospital. Read more

U of T receives $100-million gift for artificial intelligence and biomedicine complex, the school’s largest-ever donation. thestar.com: The University of Toronto has received its largest-ever donation, a $100-million gift to further the school’s research on artificial intelligence, biomedicine and how new technologies can disrupt and enrich lives. Read more

Budget 2019: Moving Forward on Implementing National Pharmacare. canada.ca: Budget 2019 announces the Government’s intention to work with its partners to move forward on three foundational elements of national pharmacare. Read more

As Kids Get Hooked on Vaping, Parents Are Desperate for Treatment That Doesn’t Exist. times.com: These trends have stoked concerns that e-cigarettes will hook a whole new generation on nicotine, threatening years of public-health progress against smoking. Read more

Shot in the dark: On vaccinations for measles and other diseases, data gaps leave Canadians guessing. theglobeandmail.com: As preventable illnesses make a comeback, a patchwork of electronic records hides the scope of the problem – and health agencies are missing key tools for strengthening the immunity of Canadians. Read more

Indigenous, LGBTQ people disproportionately homeless, Quebec survey finds. cbc.ca: Immigrants, Indigenous people and members of the LGBTQ community are disproportionately represented among Quebec’s homeless population, according to the first-ever province-wide survey into the problem. Read more

‘People need access to healthy meals:’ Inequality among Indigenous peoples may explain psychological distress. cbc.ca: Improving the quality and availability of food could help reduce mental health issues among Indigenous populations in Canada, say researchers. Read more

Inuit class-action lawsuit to allege racism in Canada’s health-care system. cbc.ca: Lawyers known for their representation of Indigenous northerners are preparing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Inuit who have faced discrimination in Canada’s health-care system. Read more

Quebec budget: Increased health spending focuses on seniors. montrealgazette.com: More in-home care. More staff and more beds at long-term care centres. And money to start a new network of high-quality seniors’ residences. Read more

Continuing Education Matters

Dalhousie University – Current course offerings

McGill University – Continuing dental education

Université Laval – Formation continue

University of Manitoba – Continuing professional development

Université de Montréal – Formation dentaire continue

University of Alberta – Program and courses

University of British Columbia – Calendar of courses

University of Saskatchewan – Continuing professional dental education

University of Toronto – Continuing dental education

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry University – Continuing professional development


April 4-6: Irish Dental Association Annual Conference, in Galway, Ireland. Read more

April 10-13: American Association of Endodontists Annual Meeting, in Montreal, Quebec. Read more

May 1-4: 38th Australian Dental Congress in Adelaide, Australia. Read more

May 9-11: Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting, Toronto, Ontario. Read more

May 16-18: CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim, California. Read more

May 23–25: Alberta Wellness Summit, presented by the Alberta Dental Association and College. Read more

May 24–28: Journées dentaires internationales du Québec, in Montréal, Québec. Read more

May 30–June 2: Proud Past Bright Future – 2019 OSAP Annual Conference, in Tucson, Arizona. Read more

June 19–22: IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia. Read more

September 4-8: ADA FDI World Dental Congress, in San Francisco, CA. Read more

September 12–14: College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan + Canadian Dental Association Joint Convention, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Read more


Please let us know about upcoming continuing education meetings that could be of interest to Canadian dentists by emailing us at oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca

Dental Industry News

Philips, Delta Dental of California partner to advance oral health and improve healthcare outcomes. compelo.com: The companies plan to lend their respective expertise and conduct research in a joint effort to build integrated insurance and oral hygiene and wellness solutions within an evolving connected ecosystem encompassing care at home, care at the dentist and coverage suited to a range of needs. Read more

Steve Paskin Named President of SS White Dental. prnewswire.com: Industry Veteran Tapped to Lead Global Expansion of Oldest Dental Products Manufacturer. Read more

Henry Schein’s Steven Kess honored for pioneering program for children with disabilities. aegisdentalnetwork.com: American Friends of Shalva (AFOS) announced that Steven W. Kess, Vice President, Global Professional Relations, Henry Schein, Inc., and President, Henry Schein Cares Foundation, has received the Spirit of Hope Award at its 29th Anniversary Gala Dinner. Read more

Carestream Dental Recognized as One of the Top 50 Most Promising Healthcare Solutions Providers. mediaroom.carestreamdental.com: Carestream Dental has been recognized as one of the top 50 most promising healthcare solutions providers of 2019 by CIO Review. Read more

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