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PHAC Measles Vaccine Statement: Key Takeaways for Dental Professionals


On March 12, Chief Public Health Officer of Canada and paediatric infectious disease specialist, Dr. Theresa Tam, issued a statement urging health care providers, parents, and caregivers to address misinformation surrounding the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine.

After expressing concern over recent outbreaks of this vaccine-preventable disease, Dr. Tam highlighted the issue of vaccine hesitancy stating, “In an era where, thanks to the success of vaccines, we are no longer familiar with these dangerous illnesses, some parents have come to fear the prevention more than the disease.”

Health Care Providers’ to Play an Important Role

In her statement, Dr. Tam turned her attention to her fellow healthcare providers on the front lines urging them to take the time to answer parents’ questions, address their concerns, and to:

  • Fight the battle between truth and misinformation particularly misinformation shared online via social media.
  • Support parents and caregivers as they “tease apart fact from fiction”.
  • Speak to parents and caregivers with questions about vaccines in a manner that improves their confidence.
  • Support parents and caregivers in getting their children vaccinated.

Reiterating the serious nature of a measles infection, Dr. Tam’s statement also spoke of parents whose children’s illness and recovery have not only taken weeks and months, but sometimes caused permanent disabilities and death.

What’s Next?

In the coming months, the Public Health Agency of Canada along with its partners and stakeholders will continue to address misinformation about vaccines and share resources (like the ones below) with the public and healthcare professionals.

Resources provided in the statement

The Public Health Agency of Canada
Immunize Canada
Canadian Paediatric Society

Read our recent post about how to spot the early signs of measles in the mouth and what to do if an infected patient visits your office.

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