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ODA-ASM19: How Can the Dental Team Manage and Maintain Implants?

The Ontario Dental Association’s (ODA) Annual Spring Meeting (ASM) is fast approaching. In this discussion we catch up with ODA ASM speaker Dr. Mark Nicolucci DDS, MS, FRDC(C), who will be delivering two course sessions on managing and maintaining dental implants during this year’s meeting.

Dr. Mark Nicolucci

Dr. Mark Nicolucci earned his dental degree from the University of Western Ontario, in 2006. He then specialized at Temple University, earning a master’s degree in oral biology and a certificate in periodontology and oral implantology. He works in west Toronto and is a member, fellow and diplomate of multiple organizations.

In this conversation, Dr. Nicolucci guides viewers through a series of clinical images to review:

  • The differences and improvements between old and new implant technologies.
  • What aspects of implants should and should not be treated differently than natural teeth.
  • Removing calculus from an implant surface.
  • Special considerations when using titanium scalers on ultrasonic instruments to remove calculus.

Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)


Comparison of the Impact of Scaler Material Composition on Polished Titanium Implant Abutment Surfaces.

Effects of modified abutment characteristics on peri-implant soft tissue health: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Instrumentation With Ultrasonic Scalers Facilitates Cleaning of the Sandblasted and Acid-Etched Titanium Implants

Oasis Moment/Preview (2.11″)

Full Conversation (10.00″)

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