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Get Smart About Smart Speakers in Your Practice


A sleek office space complete with devices like Smart Speakers tells patients that your practice is modern, current, and even a little cool. But do devices like Google Home Speaker, Alexa, Sonos Play, the LG Smart Speaker, and others pose a security risk to your business?

Today we sat down with cyber security expert, CEO and co-founder of Alexio Corporation, Anne Genge to discuss how Smart Speakers in the dental office can create a cyber security risk.

About Anne Genge

Anne is a Certified Information Privacy Professional with a specialization in dentistry and holds certifications for HIPAA Security and PCI Compliance. She and her team work with dental and medical professionals to minimize data risk and maximize patient care.

During this conversation Anne discusses:

  • Concerns and considerations for dentists with Smart Speakers in their practice.
  • Smart Speaker vulnerabilities and data hacking.
  • Disabling microphones and wiping recorded information from Smart Speaker.
  • If dentists should put Smart Speakers in their practice.

Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)


Watch the full conversation (4.46″)

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