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Cannabis, Drug Interactions, and Pain Management – Q&As

Here at CDA Oasis, one of our mandates is to provide responses to your questions, clinical and non-clinical, and we regularly invite you just to submit those questions to us. In this light, CDA Oasis is happy to present a new conversation format, where the individual who submitted the question is paired with an expert in the field who directly responds to him/her. In a recent communication from Dr. David French, a periodontist in Calgary, approached us with a list of questions on his mind about cannabis, its drug interactions, and potential pain management effects. We invited Dr. French and Dr. Donaldson to hold their conversation on camera and to share it with their colleagues. 

Dr. David French’s Bio

Dr. Mark Donaldson’s Bio

If you have a question and would like us to help you get a response, this is your chance! Leave a comment in the box below or send us an email at oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca or call us at 1-855-716-2747. 

Until next time!

CDA Oasis Team

Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

Oasis Moment/Preview (2.23″)

Full Conversation (37.42″)

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  1. Cliff Leachman February 1, 2019

    Great discussion, my only criticism is that we have been seeing these patients for years already without any real issues. Reminds me of the police having a sudden concern with impaired drivers on pot, where have they been?
    In Victoria that Aroma you speak of is west coast perfume….


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