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Premier BioCoat: Bioactive Resin Pit & Fissure Sealant


This post was prepared in collaboration with Premier Dental Products

BioCoat® – Bioactive Resin Pit & Fissure Sealant

Breakthrough! Delivers daily remineralization & relentless protection

Now, for the first time ever, there’s a pit and fissure sealant that provides long-term bioactive protection. Award-winning BioCoat® with SmartCap™ Technology is the only bioactive resin sealant that delivers daily remineralization. This patented technology provides the benefits of extended release of calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions to strengthen tooth enamel and protect against acid attacks. Plus, BioCoat’s easy handling and exceptional retention seals margins against microleakage to help reduce the risk of caries. 

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BioCoat Product Page

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  1. Sheryl December 20, 2018

    Since when has Oasis become an advertising platform? I always looked forward to the continuing education format of Oasis, but do not think that our CDA should be bombarding us with advertisements . I would have no problem with a company sponsoring a ContEd with some banner at the bottom of the screen, but do not feel that our ODA dues should be used to send us advertising.


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