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Advocacy Action: The Discussion & Debate on Water Fluoridation in the City of Calgary


Dr. Juliet Guichon, Assistant Professor in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, spoke with Dr. John O’Keefe about her advocacy efforts to reinstate water fluoridation in the city of Calgary, in Alberta. 

Dr. Guichon’s work focuses on issues arising at the intersection of law, health care, ethics, religion and journalism. A grant recipient and award-winning lecturer and seminar leader, Dr. Guichon is a frequent contributor to public debate. Dr. Guichon is the recipient of the Canadian Medical Association Medal of Honour, and the Canadian Public Health Association’s National Public Health Hero Award, and has been invited by the Canadian House of Commons and Senate to testify in public hearings on health matters. 

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Download/read the transcript of the conversation (PDF)


Preview/Oasis Moment (1.47″)

Full Conversation (10.00″)

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  1. Alexander Galo December 20, 2018

    I believe CDA focus should go away from water fluoridation to cavity prevention. The main public worry of water fluoridation is fluoride causing calcifications in the pineal gland. This gland controls melatonin production thus disruption in its function could mess up sleep cycles. Yes I know classic studies in the 1940’s showed areas with natural “high” fluoride levels in the water showed less caries in the population but today every single toothpaste out there has fluoride in it so do we really need to put more in our water supply? CDA should strongly focus on public education regarding the root cause of caries and that is sugar. Make people aware of the Vipeholm studies. Even young dentists aren’t taught this anymore. The learned public that spends just a short time researching diet will come across names like Dr. Yudkin and Dr. Lustig that talk about how poisonous high levels of sugar are not only for teeth but for the entire body. For years now I have been lobbying the CDA to put out a public statement that gummy bear vitamins can be very detrimental to tooth health. We need to educate the public and even MD’s who recommend gummies to the parents that gummies are a terrible way to give vitamins to your children. I continue to see young children every week with severe interproximal decay and most of the time they are being given gummy vitamins by well-intentioned parents. Will 1 ppm fluoride water prevent this decay? I don’t think so. Someone from the CDA please e mail me and explain to me why the CDA has not started a public education campaign on this subject.


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