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View from the Chairside: Don’t Rush to Judgment, a Molar Falsely Accused


Dr. Paul Belzycki is back with a case of a molar that was almost lost to rush judgment. In his presentations, Dr. Belzycki generously shares four decades of extensive clinical experience, striving to provide excellent quality oral care. In addition, you will find below a few pieces of valuable advice for new and young dentists on how to succeed professionally and practice to the best of their abilities. 

As usual we are very grateful and thankful for his valuable contribution and continued support.

I hope you enjoy watching the case. We always welcome your feedback, thoughts, suggestions, and questions. Email us at oasisdsicussions@cda-adc.ca or if you would like to call us, our toll-free number is 1-855-716-2747.

Until next time!

Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager

Dr. Belzycki’s Thoughts

A patient is deserving of an accurate diagnosis. In the absence of an accurate diagnosis, treatment is useless at best and dangerous at worst, if it is invasive. Consider if you had to undergo unnecessary surgery, how would you feel? 

There are several steps required to reach an accurate diagnosis. First and foremost, you need a thorough understanding of the clinical problem you are dealing with. When in doubt, do not act and consider that there is no shame in referring to colleagues who possess more clinical expertise, or in waiting for symptoms to become more site specific, if they are ill-defined on initial assessment.

Second, don’t rush and take your time. Sometimes, clinical problems are routine and quickly recognizable. Other times, they are obscure and they require lengthy appointments. So, use appropriate radiographs and conduct thorough clinical investigations to reach a closest-to-accurate diagnosis.

Third, give the patient the benefit of the doubt, if they describe sensations you deem not possible, mysterious, or trivial.

Finally, always consider that you may be mistaken!

Read/download the transcript of the full presentation (PDF)

Read/download the transcript of Here’s to Young Dentists (PDF)

Oasis Moment (2.41″)

Full Case Presentation (32.23″)

Here’s to New Dentists (8.01″)