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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2018/09/12


Top News

Oral cancer chairside guide now available online

American Academy of Periodontology publishes proceedings from Best Evidence Consensus meeting on lasers

Global Periodontal Health Project experts host symposium at FDI Congress and introduce practical guide

Dentists Among 77 US occupations that average six-figure salaries

Browse the special virtual issue of the International Dental Journal on oral health for older adults

Canadian dentistry news

Becoming a dentist in B.C. now costs more than 500 root canals. thestar.com: Crushing debt that comes from the highest tuition and school fees Canadian undergraduate students can pay is preventing new dentistry grads from setting up new practices and informing their choices about where to work. Read more

NDEB administers first electronic exam. ndeb-bned.ca: The Dental Specialty Core Knowledge Examination (DSCKE) was administered flawlessly to a small cohort of examinees. “This is a major milestone in our conversion to delivering multiple-choice type examinations digitally,” said Marie Dagenais Executive Director and Registrar. Read more

Oral and maxillofacial surgery sets new bar with first-ever technical skills exam. dentistry.utoronto.ca: … led by Marco Caminiti, assistant professor and graduate program director of OMFS at the Faculty of Dentistry, launched the first-ever OSATS (objective structured assessment of technical skills) exam for residents of the OMFS specialty, with the aim, says exam co-designer Victoria Driesman, of ensuring that graduating surgeons can “perform surgery well.” Read more

$1M investment means expanded dental services for low-income Hamiltonians. globalnews.ca: The enhancements include increasing service on Hamilton’s Dental Health Bus for another 350 clients each year, enhancing denture coverage for eligible seniors and a funding a “Smile With Confidence” pilot program for Ontario Works clients. Read more

College of Dentistry students launch DIRECT Dental. dentistry.usask.ca: For the first time in Saskatoon, free emergency dental care will be available to patients facing financial barriers to regular dental treatment. DIRECT Dental stands for “Dental Initiative Rendering Emergency Care Treatment.” Read more

Smile! Free dentist’s office being built at the Gathering Place. cbc.ca: The most marginalized people in St. John’s will soon have access to dental care. The Gathering Place is renovating its used clothing boutique into a two-chair dentist’s office that it’s hoping to have ready by the end of October. Read more

Dentists on Queen West in Toronto? Worries mount about professional offices replacing retailers on main streets. theglobeandmail.com: Keen observers have noticed an unexpected trend in the ultra-hip West Queen West area of Toronto – a proliferation of dentists’ offices. Read more

Quebec election: Québec solidaire details $950m dental care policy. montrealgazette.com: The party promised free care for Quebecers on social assistance or under the age of 18, with the exception of cosmetic procedures. It would also cover 80 per cent of preventative care costs for all adults. Read more

Québec solidaire détaille son plan pour une assurance dentaire universelle. ici.radi-canada.ca : Québec solidaire a détaillé samedi sa promesse d’une assurance dentaire universelle, dont le parti évalue le coût à 950 millions de dollars annuellement. Lire plus

Boussole électorale : le remboursement des soins dentaires divise les répondants. ici.radio-canada.ca : Les questions de santé sont toujours une grande source de préoccupation pour les Québécois, mais la question de l’accès aux soins dentaires est souvent absente du débat public. Lire plus

PFA 2018 Canadian Region’s Awards and Installation Ceremony. fauchard.org: Read more

Dr. Kalman Receives Innovation Award for Patient-Centred Care. schulich.uwo.ca: Read more

CDAA Weekly E-Newsbrief September 13, 2018. cdaa.ca: Read more

Back to School Student Profile: Christi Steele. dentistry.utoronto.ca: It’s not every day that you meet a former high-ranking competitive pairs figure skater who moved away from home at age 12 to carry out her dream. That’s Dentistry’s Christi Steele (DDS4). Read more

International dentistry news

FDI reports on key outcomes of 2018 World Dental Congress. fdiworlddental.org: The General Assembly (GA) is FDI’s supreme legislative and governing body. Notable outcomes of the proceedings in Buenos Aires included the welcoming of new FDI member associations, elections within FDI’s governance structure, and the adoption of FDI policy statements. Read more

Second edition of Dental Ethics Manual launched at FDI World Dental Congress. fdiworlddental.org: The updated, second edition of the Dental Ethics Manual was released at the session “Dental Ethics Manual—A tool for dental education and dental practitioners” at the FDI World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Read more

Advocacy leaflet and Roadmap for Healthy Ageing released at 2018 World Oral Health Forum. fdiworlddental.org: An advocacy leaflet Achieving a healthy ageing society was released at WOHF that emphasises the urgent need to adapt health systems to meet the increasing oral health needs of ageing populations worldwide. Read more

FDI evaluates Caries Prevention Partnership chairside guide, grants Smile Awards. fdiworlddental.org: FDI recently conducted a survey to evaluate the CPP chairside guide, which was released at the 2017 World Dental Congress. The primary aim of the survey was to obtain feedback from oral health professionals on the usefulness and relevancy of the guide. Read more

GPHP experts host symposium at FDI WDC and introduce practical guide. fdiworlddental.org: The Global Periodontal Health Project (GPHP) experts hosted a symposium entitled ‘Proactive prevention and effective periodontal care: Major challenges, scientific updates and key issues for success’ at the FDI World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Read more

FDI and ICHOM present Standard Set of Adult Oral Health Measures. fdiworlddental.org: The FDI–ICHOM Standard Set of Adult Oral Health Measures was presented to the FDI General Assembly during the World Dental Parliament on 3 September in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The set will be publicly released free in due time along with a manuscript publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Read more

Dentists Among 77 US occupations that average six-figure salaries. usatoday.com: Read more

Report of the Task Force on Assessment of Readiness for Practice. adea.org: Co-authored by a joint task force of the American Dental Association, American Dental Education Association and American Student Dental Association, this important report calls upon states to eliminate the use of single encounter, procedure-based examinations on patients as part of the licensure examination and remove restrictions on portability of dental licensure. This seminal report describes the reasons that change is needed in licensure and sets a pathway forward. Read more

Soda tax initiative would generate billions for health care, LAO concludes. cda.org: In addition to this projected annual revenue from the soda tax initiative, California could double its health care investment through federal matching funds, making between $3 billion and $5 billion available for improving health care in California. Read more

Australia’s Oral Health Tracker wins major international award. ada.org.au: Launched on World Oral Health Day on 20 March this year, Australia’s Oral Health Tracker (the Tracker) has won a prestigious oral health promotion award at this year’s FDI World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Read more

Professionalism by proxy: a case for the formal regulation of dental assistants in Australia. nature.com: Dental assistants are the most numerous member of the dental team in Australia, responsible for many clinical and non-clinical duties. Despite this, dental assistants are not registered and regulated in the same manner as their clinical colleagues within the dental profession. Read more

The Effects of Passive Cigarette Smoke and Oral Health. agd.org: The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have teamed up to build awareness about the harmful effects smoking has on oral health. Read more

New president of Pakistan is School of Dentistry alumnus. dent.umich.edu: The new president of Pakistan is a dentist turned political leader who earned his master’s degree in prosthodontics at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 1975. Read more

DaSilva start-up releases high-tech pain-measuring app. dent.umich.edu: A mobile app that allows chronic pain sufferers to more accurately assess their pain and communicate about it with their doctors was released to the public by a University of Michigan start-up co-founded by a professor at the School of Dentistry. Read more

Penn Dental Medicine Adds Training in Use of Intranasal Naloxone to Opioids Education. dental.upenn.edu: Approximately 150 Penn Dental Medicine students attended the August 24 presentation on the science and application of intranasal naloxone by ADAPT Pharma®, the manufacturers of NARCAN® (naloxone HCl) Nasal Spray. Read more

Annual meeting course focuses on ‘unicorn of the sea’ and what it can teach us about teeth. ada.org: Dr. Nweeia was invited to speak at the annual meeting for his work that includes how narwhal tusk function relates to the function of human teeth and why the origins of tooth function are important to consider. Read more

Spear Education Acquires Pride Institute. prnewswire.com: Dental continuing education leader Spear Education announced it has acquired Pride Institute, a California-based industry authority that brings decades of practice management expertise and content into the Spear ecosystem of campus and online learning. Read more

ADA formally comments on proposed CMS changes. ada.org: The ADA filed comments Sept. 6 on several parts of a proposed rule announcing changes to Medicare and Medicaid requirements as they relate to dentistry. Read more

Discussion abounds on adding dental benefit in Medicare. ada.org: Adding a dental benefit within Medicare is a topic of conversation among agencies that advocate for seniors but also within the ADA. Read more

Dental companies reach agreement in antitrust suit. ada.org: Three dental companies have reached a tentative agreement to pay $80 million as part of a class action lawsuit alleging they violated federal antitrust laws by fixing prices on dental equipment and supplies. Read more

Legislation, new report highlight need for dental plan transparency. cda.org: A California Dental Association-sponsored bill requiring standardized disclosures from dental plans is headed to the governor’s desk as a newly released report highlights the need to establish greater transparency from dental plans to protect consumers. Read more

Airway conference gives dentists tools that can make difference in children’s lives. ada.org: With dentists making up 80 percent of the audience, the conference brought together experts in sleep-disordered breathing from both the medical and dental communities, signaling how a team of doctors are needed to successfully diagnose and treat the disorder. Read more

Ohio State offers incentive to dental students to work in underserved areas. newscycle.dispatch.com: Brandi Lantz already planned to return home to southeastern Ohio to practice dentistry, but now Ohio State University’s College of Dentistry has provided an incentive. The school awarded her a four-year scholarship worth $40,000 — provided she works in an area underserved by dentists after she graduates. Read more

Here’s how much sugar is actually in some of the biggest drinks in the US as Americans revolt against beverage giants pushing sugar-packed products. businessinsider.com: As Americans try and cut sugar from their diets, some of the biggest culprits for carrying the sweet — but dangerous — ingredient are beverages. Read more

Clinical & scientific news

Oral cancer chairside guide now available online. fdiworlddental.org: The chairside guide Oral Cancer: Prevention and Patient Management was recently released. The chairside guide offers practical guidance on oral cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment to oral health professionals. It is available in several languages. Read more

Browse the special virtual issue of the International Dental Journal on oral health for older adults. fdiworlddental.org: A special virtual issue on oral health for older adults was recently published in the International Dental Journal (IDJ), available to all, free-of-charge, on the IDJ website. Read more

Study finds caries interventions effective for Australian aboriginal children. ada.org: A multifaceted intervention that included dental care for mothers during pregnancy, application of fluoride varnish to their children and anticipatory guidance in combination with motivational interviewing was seen to reduce prevalence of caries in Aboriginal Australian communities, according to a paper published online in July in EClinicalMedicine. Read more

American Academy of Periodontology Publishes Proceedings From Best Evidence Consensus Meeting On Lasers. perio.org: Periodontal experts address clinical efficacy of laser usage in patient care. Read more

Regrowing dental tissue with stem cells from baby teeth. penntoday.upenn.edu: A successful Phase 1 clinical trial in China, co-led by School of Dental Medicine researcher Songtao Shi, paves the way for more widespread investigation into the utility of dental stem cells. Read more

Adolescent Users of Juul, Other E-Cigarette Pods Exposed to Nearly as Much Nicotine as Smokers, Study Shows. roswellpark.org/: New generation of vape products contain high concentrations of nicotine salts, which are more readily absorbed. Read more

A Multidisciplinary Approach for An Aesthetic Rehabilitation. oralhealthgroup.com/features: In this specific case a general dentist with an interest in appearance related procedures, an orthodontist, and a periodontist came together as a cohesive unit to guide this patient from consultation to completion to deliver her vision into reality. Read more

TMD: Eliminate All the Confusion with Proper Diagnosis (An Evidenced Based Approach). oralhealthgroup.com/features: The goal of this article is to prepare you simply and succinctly to make straightforward evidenced based decisions when confronted with TMD patients. Read more

Predictable Open Bite Correction. oralhealthgroup.com/features: The purpose of this report is to outline a novel technique of palatal skeletal anchorage using the 3M™ TAD system in the treatment of an adolescent patient with a Class I malocclusion and an anterior open bite. Read more

Presurgical Infant Orthopedics for Cleft Lip and Palate – Nasoalveolar Molding at The Hospital for Sick Children. oralhealthgroup.com/features: Cleft lip and palate is one of the most common craniofacial defects involving the face and jaws with a worldwide frequency of 1 in 700. Read more

Mind your business

Dreaming of practice ownership: Three questions to ask to help you establish your ‘practice personality’. newdentistblog.ada.org: This is the first article in a series of New Dentist Now blog posts on practice ownership from Wells Fargo Practice Finance, the practice lender endorsed by ADA Member Advantage. Read more

Q&A: Overcoming Isolation in Private Practice. dentistrytoday.com [Sponsored Editorial]: Timothy Bizga, DDS, FAGD, shows how meaningful relationships with peers can be a compelling catalyst for success in your practice. Read more

7 Habits of Highly Effective Dentists. oralhealthgroup.com/features: Read more

Practice Purpose: The Core Pillar to Your Practice Success. oralhealthgroup.com/features: Read more

Five Ways to Positively Impact Practice Revenue. oralhealthgroup.com/features: Read more

Practice Production: Case Acceptance #101. oralhealthgroup.com/features: Read more

Patient information

What you need to know about teeth whitening. sydney.edu.au [OPINION]: The quest for the Hollywood smile, but is it healthy? Read more

Your health & medical news

It’s not just the EpiPen. Canada had 25 new drug shortages this week alone. cbc.ca: This week alone, 25 new drugs were listed on Canada’s drug shortage website. Read more

Telemedicine on the rise but lagging in Canada. cmajnews.com: With long waiting times and a shortage of family doctors, many patients are looking for an alternative way to access medical care. Private doctor-on-demand services are stepping in to fill the gap, even in countries with publicly funded health care, like Canada. Read more

How many doctors do we actually need? cmajnews.com: In many parts of Canada, there is a shortage of doctors. The New Brunswick Medical Society, for example, says the province has 39 vacancies for family physicians and 50 new positions are needed to meet demand. Read more

Researchers explore MAID impact on organ donation. news.westernu.ca: A newly published article in the New England Journal of Medicine raises ethical questions and challenges for organ donation in cases where a patient has elected medical assistance in dying (MAID), also known as voluntary euthanasia. Read more

Heart disease and stroke deaths hitting middle age adults in large numbers. cdc.gov: Despite being largely preventable, heart attacks, strokes, heart failure and other related conditions caused 2.2 million hospitalizations in 2016, resulting in $32.7 billion in costs and 415,000 deaths, according to the latest CDC’s Vital Signs report. Read more

Tapering opioids using motivational interviewing. cfp.ca: This approach encourages a patient to articulate his or her own reasons to change and explore the discrepancy between the arguments for and against change. Read more

Inside Juul Labs — how the vaping giant hooked its users and became a $15 billion company. cnbc.com: In the past year, San Francisco-based Juul Labs has rapidly overtaken the U.S. e‑cigarette market. Read more

Toronto hospitals can’t force unvaccinated nurses to wear masks, ruling says. theglobeandmail.com: Nine Toronto-area hospitals have to scrap their policies forcing unvaccinated nurses to wear surgical masks, a labour arbitrator has ruled in a binding decision that concluded the hospitals couldn’t provide scientific evidence to back up the practice. Read more

Artery damage seen in some teenage smokers, drinkers. reuters.com: Researchers found that 17-year-olds who had smoked more than 100 cigarettes in their lifetime or who drank more than 10 drinks on a typical drinking day had stiffer walls in their arteries. Read more

More baby boomers turning to marijuana, study says. cnn.com: For middle-age adults, the percentage of cannabis users has doubled over nearly a decade, according to the study, published Thursday in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Older adults have seen a seven-fold increase in that period. Read more

Continuing education matters

Dalhousie University – Current course offerings

McGill University – Winter 2017 continuing education – upcoming courses

Université Laval – Formation continue

University of Manitoba – Continuing professional development

Université de Montréal – Formation dentaire continue

University of Alberta – Program and courses

University of British Columbia – Calendar of courses

University of Saskatchewan – Continuing professional dental education

University of Toronto – Continuing dental education

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry University – Continuing dental education


September 20-22: Orthodontic World Congress Europe 2018, in Malta. Read more

September 27-29: 26th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics, in Montreal, Quebec. Save the date

October 18-22: ADA 2018 America’s Dental Meeting, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Read more

October 27-30: 104th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Periodontology, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

November 9: Toronto Academy of Dentistry – 81st Annual Winter Clinic, in Toronto, Ontario. Read more

November 25-28: Greater NY Dental Meeting 2018, in New York, NY. Read more

January 31, February 2, 2019: Yankee Dental Congress in Boston, Massachusetts. Read more

January 25-26, 2019: Manitoba Dental Association Annual Meeting & Convention, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Read more

February 21-23, 2019: Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, in Chicago, Il. Read more

March 7-9, 2019: Pacific Dental Conference, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Read more

March 12-16, 2019: 38th International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany. Read more

March 13-19, 2019: Academy of Osseointegration 2019 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Read more

March 16-19, 2019: 2019 American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Annual Session and Exhibition, in Chicago, IL. Read more

April 10-13, 2019: American Association of Endodontists Annual Meeting, in Montréal, Québec. Read more

May 1-4, 2019: 38th Australian Dental Congress in Adelaide, Australia. Read more

May 9-11, 2019: Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting, Toronto, Ontario. Read more

September 5-9, 2019: American Dental Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. Save the date


Please let us know about upcoming continuing education meetings that could be of interest to Canadian dentists by emailing us at oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca

Dental industry news

New Hu-Friedy Waterline Filter Helps Dental Practices Continuously Deliver Clean Water With Minimal Effort. hu-friedy.com: Hu-Friedy … announced the release of the Hu-Friedy Waterline Filter, the company’s newest innovation that will help dental practices continuously deliver clean water to patients. Read more

Carestream Dental’s New CBCT System Drives Precision Through Intelligence. mediaroom.carestreamdental.com: Carestream Dental launched an all-new imaging system: The CS 9600 cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) system, which enables new levels of image quality, usability and, ultimately, precise diagnostic capabilities. Read more

Fully guided implantology with CEREC Guide 3: Fast, safe, and chairside. news.dentsplysirona.com: Dentsply Sirona is now launching a new surgical guide for the digital implant workflow. Read more

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