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The CDA Seal Program: Validating Industry’s Claims

The CDA Seal Program independently validates specific oral health benefit claims made by the manufacturer of a product. The CDA Seal, and its accompanying statement, are found on products that have successfully completed the CDA review process.

  • For the Canadian consumer, the CDA Seal provides reassurance that the product can improve their oral health in the ways specifically claimed by the manufacturer.
  • For the manufacturer, the CDA Seal differentiates its products in the marketplace by highlighting their validated oral health benefits.

To obtain the CDA Seal for a product, manufacturers are required to state the oral health benefit(s) that they wish to have validated by CDA, and submit evidence to support their claim. Product claims, supporting evidence and additional materials are then reviewed by CDA’s independent experts to confirm the validity of the specific oral health benefit claim(s). Not all claims submitted for the CDA Seal meet CDA’s rigorous requirements.

For more information on the CDA Seal, please visit our website or contact us at oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca


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