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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2018/05/16


Top News

Parliament passes plain tobacco packaging law, regulates vaping

The Conference Board of Canada Launches National Pharmacare Initiative

WHO plan to eliminate industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from global food supply

Canadian dentistry news

Parliament passes plain tobacco packaging law, regulates vaping. cbc.ca: … legislation that will formally legalize (and heavily regulate) vaping and give Health Canada the powers it needs to mandate plain packaging for cigarettes. Read more

Ontario’s Dental Care: Biting Off Myths. tvo.org: The Agenda welcomes LouAnn Visconti, president of the Ontario Dental Association, to discuss what the professionals who actually deliver the service think about the promises. Listen now (14:03)

PCs promise $98M per year to help low-income seniors get dental care. cbc.ca: A Progressive Conservative government would invest $98 million per year to help low-income access dental care. Read more

Are the dental care promises on the campaign trail the right move? omny.fm: Tasha Kheiriddin speaks with Dr. Visconti about the importance of dental funding, and where the right places to put the money would be. Listen now (09:53)

Everyone’s making promises about dental care – but what do dentists want? iheartradio.ca: Dr. Visconti discussed the dental care plans announced by the major political parties and other dental health issues, including fluoride. Listen now (14:28)

The Ontario Dental Association wants to offer clarifications on dental care. omny.fm: Bill Kelly chats with the president of the Ontario Dental Association about the critical funding gap for public programs, and how the gap that’s there needs to be addressed before additional programs are created. Listen now (5:04)

‘I just can’t afford it’: Low-income seniors struggle to find dental care, face 2-year wait for city clinics. cbc.ca. Read more

Expensive dental problems are holding back people in addiction recovery. thestar.com: An epidemic of untreated dental problems among drug users and the formerly incarcerated in Vancouver is both a cause, and a result, of the opioid crisis. Read more

Nearly a quarter of Ontario opioid prescriptions exceeded guidelines: study. theglobeandmail.com: Nearly a quarter of first-time opioid prescriptions in Ontario from April 2015 to March 2016 exceeded recommended dose limits introduced in 2017. Read more

The Conference Board of Canada Launches National Pharmacare Initiative. conferenceboard.ca: The goal of the NPI is to inform and support current public discussion and debate about potential approaches to ensuring universal access to pharmacare for Canadians. Read more

Le travail des femmes est largement invisible dans tous les domaines des soins de santé. quebec.huffingtonpost.ca : Au sein des professions où elles sont rapidement en train de devenir majoritaires, comme la médecine, la dentisterie et la pharmacologie, les femmes n’occupent que rarement des postes de direction. Lire plus

Dr. Jack Gerrow Wins The 2018 Gies Award for Outstanding Innovation. dentistry.utoronto.ca: Only a small group of Canadians have received this prominent recognition from the ADEA Gies Foundation. Read more

Doors Now Open at New Sessle Lab in Denmark. dentistry.utoronto.ca: Last summer, Dr. Barry Sessle attended the official opening of The Sessle Lab at Aarhus University Department of Dentistry in Denmark in recognition of his internationally-renowned research into orofacial pain. Read more

Dentistry Receives Record Number of NSERC Grants. dentistry.utoronto.ca: The latest round of NSERC Grants now brings the total number of NSERC discovery grant holders to ten – the highest ever for the Faculty of Dentistry. Read more

Award: Dr. Clive Friedman nationally recognized for contributions to dental care. schulich.uwo.ca: Dr. Clive Friedman was awarded the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) Distinguished Service Award. Read more

Taking learning to the community. schulich.uwo.ca: Dr. Les Kalman wants students at Schulich Dentistry to understand that dental care isn’t just about treating a tooth, it’s a about looking after the patient and the community at large. Read more

Célébration de l’excellence et du dépassement. fmd.ulaval.ca : La Soirée des prix d’excellence de la Faculté marque le début des activités de graduation pour les finissants du doctorat en médecine dentaire. Lire plus

C’est parti pour la Clinique ACCES avec les jeunes d’Olympiques spéciaux Québec. fmd.ulaval.ca : Le cours Approche clinique communautaire et sociale (ACCES) propose aux étudiants qui ont déjà une formation clinique avec des patients de la Faculté, une formation auprès de la population pour qui l’accès aux soins dentaires est un défi. Lire plus

Providing Preventive Dental Care in the Community for Persons with Special Needs. oralhealthgroup.com: Closing the Gap Between Mobile and Conventional Dental Clinics in the Community. Read more

CDAA Weekly E-Newsbrief May 16, 2018. cdaa.ca: Read more

International dentistry news

ADA supports two House opioid bills. ada.org: In continuing efforts to combat opioid misuse and ensure safer prescribing practices, the ADA is supporting two bills introduced in May by Congress. Read more

Telehealth to make a splash in Hawaii at annual meeting. ada.org: Dr. Paul Glassman will co-present the course Using Teleheath Technology to Reach Underserved Populations (5805) at ADA 2018 – America’s Dental Meeting in Honolulu on Oct. 18. Read more and watch his presentation on the topic on Oasis Discussions

Can Cannabis Aid in Dental Health? digitaljournal.com, May 10: … one dentist and researcher is looking to use cannabis as an effective component to alleviate oral pain and dental diseases. Read more

New bill would make sure children get dental screening. fox47news.com: New legislation in the Michigan House would make sure every kid starting kindergarten would get a dental screening. Read more

Studies reaffirm safety of fluoridation. ada.org: Researchers found no link between fluoride exposure and adverse health effects. Read more

ADA requests $199 million for Indian Health Service in FY 2019. ada.org: … to help “aggressively reduce” the level of oral disease in Indian Country. Read more

Committee passes legislation calling for FDA to modernize drug monograph. ada.org: … legislation that would modernize the Food and Drug Administration’s system for regulating OTC drugs. Read more

Sports drinks remain popular with U.S. teens. cbc.ca: More than half of U.S. high school students still have sports drinks at least once a week and their ranks are growing. Read more

Tax Soda to Help Fight Obesity. bloomberg.com: New levies in dozens of countries are steering people away from the most dangerous of empty calories. Read more

A Matter of Life and Death. adeachartingprogress.wordpress.com: In this month’s letter, ADEA President and CEO Dr. Rick Valachovic hears from experts in pediatric sedation about efforts to reduce adverse events in the dental office. Read more

‘Thirdhand smoke’ in carpets and furniture could pose health risk, scientists warn. independent.co.uk: Chemicals in cigarettes pose a health risk through skin, surface, and clothes contact but study shows they can also get airborne and spread through buildings. Read more

Charity uncovers overwhelming support for ban on sale of energy drinks for under 16’s. dentalhealth.org: The Oral Health Foundation is calling for a change in the law to ban the sale of energy drinks to under 16’s in the United Kingdom. Read more

Dental neglect: Children falling through the cracks in siloed health service. bda.org: … new research reveals that GPs are not given the time or training to spot the tell-tale signs of dental neglect. Read more

Child tooth decay ‘gap’ persisting: latest survey. bda.org: … the latest Child Oral Health Survey from Public Health England reveals deep inequalities show little sign of narrowing. Read more

Susie Sanderson inaugurated as BDA President. bda.org: Read more

Watergrasshill man elected new president of Irish Dental Association. avondhupress.ie3: Dr. Kieran O’Connor told delegates at the Association’s annual conference that it was time for the Government and the HSE to adopt a new approach. Read more

Clinical & scientific news

Researchers discover cellular messengers communicate with bacteria in the mouth. medicalxpress.com: A new UCLA-led study provides clear evidence that cellular messengers in saliva may be able to regulate the growth of oral bacteria responsible for diseases, such as periodontitis and meningitis. Read more

‘Giant’ problem looms for aging population. sciencedaily.com: Urgent attention needs to be paid to frail older New Zealanders’ oral health. Read more

Dental checklist of bad practice has patient care at its heart. medicalxpress.com: Dental experts have drawn up a definitive list of scenarios that patients should never face in a bid to ensure excellent patient care worldwide. Read more

Family doctors could better detect child neglect with increased dental health training. medicalxpress.com: New research now suggests that GPs lack the awareness and training to identify dental neglect in children. Read more

Drug target for curing the common cold. bbc.com: UK scientists believe they may have found a way to combat the common cold. Read more

Journal de l’Ordre des dentistes du Québec. odq.qc.ca: Printemps 2018. Lire plus

Bones heal, teeth don’t! The involvement of dentists in the acute and long-term management of patients injured in the Manchester Arena Bomb. nature.com: This paper outlines the involvement of dentists in the treatment of patients following the terror attack at Manchester Arena on May 22, 2017. Read more

Overdose due to dental pain. nature.com: Dental pain management – a cause of significant morbidity due to paracetamol overdose. Read more

Patient information

Brushing and Beyond: Key Oral Health Tips for Anyone with a Smile. mouthhealthy.org: Read more

Preventing Bad Breath: 3 Causes And 3 Remedies. medicaldaily.com: Known by the medical term halitosis, the condition can stem from minor and severe causes. Read more

Your health & medical news

Medical marijuana is a mirage. theglobeandmail.com: Another day, another multibillion-dollar deal. That’s the way it goes in the marijuana market these days as eager entrepreneurs scramble to position themselves for legalization. Read more

WHO plan to eliminate industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from global food supply. who.int: WHO released REPLACE, a step-by-step guide for the elimination of industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from the global food supply. Read more

Family medicine faces shortage of doctors willing to teach. cmajnews.com: The demand for family medicine electives has “gone up an absolutely crazy amount” with increasing medical school enrollment. Read more

International research project to investigate effect of hypoglycemia. healio.com: An international consortium of 23 institutions and organizations will launch a research project to gather data on the effects of hypoglycemia on diabetes. Read more

Telehealth could replace doctor visits in major cities, amid a primary care physician shortage. cnbc.com: Major health care players like, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna and Kaiser Permanente, are increasingly using virtual care or telehealth for primary care appointments and follow-ups. Read more

Alcohol, Tobacco Cause More Health Harm Than Illegal Drugs. consumer.healthday.com: Researchers found that alcohol and tobacco use combined cost more than a quarter of a billion disability-adjusted life-years worldwide, while illegal drugs only accounted for tens of millions in comparison. Read more

Continuing education matters

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Dental industry news

Carestream Dental’s CS 3600 Wins Sports Technology Award. mediaroom.carestream.com: The innovative digital technology behind the scanner allowed for quick and easy scanning of 120 team members without the need for traditional impression materials. Read more

FTC complaint alleges collusion among top dental suppliers. cda.org: The FTC alleges that the three dental suppliers violated federal antitrust laws by conspiring to refuse to provide discounts to buying groups representing solo and small-group dental practices. Read more

A toothbrush start-up buys an insurer so it can cover your dental visits, too. cnbc.com: As part of its quest, it is acquiring dental insurance start-up Afora for an undisclosed amount. Read more

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