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Practice Online Presence: A Requirement or an Option?



Tamir Wolfson from myindustrybrand.com spoke to Dr. Suham Alexander about the importance and relevance of an online presence in today’s competitive dental marketplace. Having an online presence does not guarantee that a practice will see an increase in patients, however, it will make the practice more visible in online searches.

Statistics show that there are ~175 million healthcare searches online daily. Furhtermore, 81% of people use a search engine before they decide on who they will visit.  In terms of ROI, if the practice is not available online then, there it is not available to capitalize on these potential opportunities.

Helpful hints

  • Online presence means actually being present and active online
  • Websites are the cornerstone of online presence but, should be maintained and updated regularly
  • It is a disservice to the practice to have social media accounts and not be active on a regular basis
  • Websites should portray the provider/practice in a very professional light
  • Building a website on your own can be done but, requires a significant investment of time which may not draw an online audience
  • Security and privacy is essential so that confidential information is not at risk
  • Optimize your page(s) for SEO which will help attract patients within a certain radius

Full Interview (11.36″)


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  1. Dr. Atul Joshi April 19, 2018

    Further to the points above, an active, online presence also adds value to the practice at the time of any sale. If some effort has been put into maintaining and updating the site, as well as maintaining some activity in making sure first page ranking is established, the value of that domain name to any future dentist wishing to purchase your practice may be significant (particularly in a more urban and populous setting). Your website’s address will remain constant and allow you, or any future dentist, to keep in touch with your patients no matter the change in ownership.


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