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Women in Dentistry with Dr. LouAnn Visconti: Life-Long Commitment to Dentistry


My first encounter with Dr. LouAnn Visconti, after ascending to the presidency of the Ontario Dental Association, was as much energetic and compelling as I imagined it to be.

Dr. Visconti’s venture to open an orthodontic practice in Timmins, Ontario, where there were almost none, is testimony to her dedication to the dental profession and her willingness to offer a much-needed service in an area which was lacking it. And, her long-lasting contribution and volunteering in organized dentistry is another example of her commitment to make the dental profession the best it can be. 

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Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager


Dr. Visconti’s interest in dentistry started in her teenage years through a conversation with her own general dentist, discussing and explaining treatment. He was her early mentor. Even now, Dr. Visconti believes mentorship is very important for dentists – clinical and business acumen is shared.

Dr. Visconti encountered her professional challenges after graduating when she moved to Timmins as she had a large area where orthodontic practices were very few and far between. Having little professional support in Northern Ontario, she had no one to discuss or share her cases and treatment challenges.

While there are so many men who are equal partners in sharing family and household responsibilities, there are still many times where the women in the family shoulder more and struggle with work-life balance. This can impede their abilities to run a solo practice and work full-time hours. As we have a shift towards more female practitioners, dental delivery systems may change as well to accommodate their communication styles and preferences for practice (group, partnership, public health etc.).

Women can play an integral role in the dental profession, especially in organized dentistry. Not only is gender representation important in organized dentistry, but cultural diversity is also essential. It is only in this way that the future of the profession can be shaped and membership needs be met appropriately.

Full Interview (17.02″)


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