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Women in Dentistry with Dr. Linda Blakey


My conversation with Dr. Linda Blakey, Dental Surgeon from Mount Pearl, NL and past president of the Newfoundland Dental Association, touched upon a number of topics. Most importantly, it highlighted her dedication to becoming a dentist from an early and never swaying from that dream. it also touched upon some of the leadership and work-life balance challenges that women dentists continue to face and what they might do to overcome those barriers. 

I hope you enjoy the interview and share your thoughts and feedback with us at oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca

Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager


Dr. Linda Blakey continues the conversation about “Women in Dentistry” as she speaks candidly about her dental career. She has had a successful career in both clinical and organized dentistry. Dr. Blakey decided she wanted to be a dentist when she was in Grade 9 and never strayed from her goal till she became the dentist she had dreamed to be.

When she graduated, Dr. Blakey was one of the few female dentists in St. John’s and she tells about her fortune having a great female dentist mentor. The flexibility of her profession has allowed to her to enjoy her children and their activities as they were growing up.

As a woman dentist and owner of her own practice, she recognizes that leadership can be trying as she is the ‘boss’. However, there’s much camaraderie with the female staff than a male dentist would have. Many women dentists opt to own a practice after they have had children at the onset of their career, which reduces the stress of running a dental business and providing clinical care for the patients. This is sometimes the trade-off where women may not own their own practice until much later.

Dr. Blakey joined organized dentistry as a new graduate and worked on various committees based on her availability. Organized dentistry allows professionals to form a community and network of trusted colleagues.

looking at the future, Dr. Blakey believes that women will be more involved in organized dentistry, perhaps on the CDA Board of Directors and she thinks that women will have an impact on how dental issues are approached and handled nationwide.

Full Interview (15.21″)


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