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Conversation with Dr. Howard Farran: Why Did You Build Dentaltown?


Dr. Howard Farran spoke to Dr. Suham Alexander about the inspiration behind the creation of Dentaltown and the ensuing formation of the “Townie” community. Dentaltown was originally created to encourage dentists to communicate with one another, share information and discuss cases simulating an online study club. The community has grown substantially to include ~ 250,000 dentists and has searchable information on most disciplines in dentistry as well as business and marketing information.

As Dentaltown has evolved over the years, the goal of this community forum has been to create community and transfer knowledge from mentors and experts in dentistry. Now, looking ahead, Dr. Farran hopes to facilitate the transfer knowledge and expertise to all areas of the world, especially those areas lacking the resources and means to have current dental information.

Full Interview (8.31″)



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