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The Impact of Human Error on the Practice’s Systems and Processes

Anne Genge returns to speak to Dr. Suham Alexander about the impact that human error can have in a dental practice. While security and privacy issues can be circumvented by systems and software, people still have a significant touch point in the practice.

Ways in which the human element can affect the practice:

  • Access – who has access? to what, from where?
  • Internet – access the “wrong” sites
  • Email – ransomwares, viruses, breaches of common email services (eg. Yahoo)
  • Systems – updates to operating systems and applications are not installed, as required
  • Backups – configuration should be verified
  • Devices/Drives – unauthorized use for charging devices or copying information, potential source of viruses
  • 3rd parties – access of our partners (e.g. IT support)


Dental Office Data Privacy_Security  – Assessment

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  1. Is it possible to post a written version of these interviews? Im finding it much more difficult to listen to a video than read an article. Enough so that I don’t bother listening even though I am interested in the material.

    • Hi Lisa,

      We do provide a summary of the main points discussed un the video, which I am sure you have seen in the post. However, I will request internally to transcribe the videos and post the transcription on our website. I will email you when those are available.

      Thank you for your continued support to CDA Oasis.

      Chiraz Guessaier
      CDA Oasis Manager

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