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The Fundy Dental Community Project with Dr. Scott Schofield


Dr. Scott Schofield from Nova Scotia founded the Fundy Dental Community Project with a number of other dentists. 

To get in touch with Dr. Schofield: fundycommunity@bellaliant.com


The Fundy Dental Community Project (FDCP) is a pilot program initiated by local dentists to provide basic dental services to motivated, low-income youth and adults to complete a treatment plan aimed at treating their current dental disease. This program was developed to establish a healthy oral condition in qualified patients, and provide them with the education necessary to maintain their improved oral health status.

Patients involved in this program are chosen through an application process which includes an assessment of their current dental health, financial status and desire to restore their oral health. A complete examination and appropriate radiographs will be taken to develop an individual treatment plan, and patients will be placed into one of five categories based on their financial constraints, dental requirements, and special considerations.


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