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Dr. Jack Cottrell’s Report on FDI’s Annual Congress


In this interview, Dr. Chiraz Guessaier speaks to Dr. Jack Cottrell who recently attended this year’s FDI meeting Poznan, Poland.


FDI’s role is global advocacy with the World Health Organization, World Health Alliance and Non-Communicable Disease Alliance, which are powerful lobby groups in Geneva, Switzerland. As such, FDI is able to advocate for oral health and its relationship and role in one’s general health.

The organization also formulates and develops policies related to oral health. This past congress developed, passed and raised consensus on a new definition of oral health and developed advocacy tools regarding sugar reduction, the Minamata convention and other issues. Because FDI is a global body of 130 countries, it is a unique opportunity to watch various countries’ dialogue in such a forum and come to consensus on different issues.

Canada’s participation is well-respected in the global arena and the Canadian delegation was well-received on the various policy statements. Globally, Canada is also viewed as a role model with respect to helping countries in need as it sponsors and mentors other nations such as Cambodia and Afghanistan.

The 11 policy statements stem from global consensus related to key elements of dental practice including grey market materials, dental unit water lines, sports dentistry and the integration of dental health into overall health.




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