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Life-Changing Dentistry with Dr. Miguel Stanley

Miguel StanleyDr. Miguel Stanley was recently a speaker at the British Dental Association 2016 Conference. He led a motivational lecture where he spoke to his audience about how to run a successful practice and why choosing the best products and technical solutions is the foundation of success. He also put forward the concept that the most important part of building a successful practice is knowing your patient and their case from day one and providing diligent and empathic care to patients. Dr. Stanley spoke with CDA Oasis Manager, Dr. Chiraz Guessaier.


  • Dr. Stanley runs an interdisciplinary practice with a large team that uses the latest technologies. His team practices high-level dentistry—what he describes as a luxury service because of its high cost.  He is also a trained implant surgeon and a cosmetic dentist.
  • In 2006, he started producing a makeover show for TV, which ran for 7 seasons.
  • “One thing I learned… is that we understood the emotional impact of giving a person their whole smile back. Not single-unit dentistry—so if a person has 20 problems and you only fix one—which is not going to have the emotional impact that full-mouth dentistry does. I coined the phrase “No Half Smiles”; we only dedicate our resources to full arch, top and bottom, integrated dentistry—it’s always the full smile.”
  • According to Dr. Stanley, an ethical practice is the foundation of “life-saving dentistry.”
  • “It’s about doing ethical, gold-standard procedures every single day, and that’s a choice.”


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