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#WOHD16 Resources: Celebrate Your Own World Oral Health Day


CDA WOHD LogoEvery year, the World Dental Federation (FDI) provides a wealth of resources for dentists and local and international dental organizations to celebrate World Oral Health Day.

Resources provide guidance on what can be done to mark this important day and flexible tools which can be adapted and localized by you for use in your own activities and events. The toolkit contains key aspects to take into consideration in the areas of: branding, media relations, social media and special activities.

Communication Tips

The emergence of internet-based social media has made it possible for one person to communicate with hundreds or even thousands of other people about different issues providing an amazing opportunity to spread the word about oral health.

Talking to local and national media is also vital if you want your activities to be known around your country and to achieve greater awareness about the importance of oral health and WOHD. In the WOHD 2016 toolkit, you will find advice and tips to help you maximize the impact of your WOHD activities through media relations and social media activity.

Suggested Activities

World Oral Health Day is an excellent platform to connect with dental professionals, the media and the general public to engage and generate understanding on the importance of good oral health for overall health.

There are a number of different activities, both big and small, that you can do to support WOHD in your country and community.

To help inspire your creativity, below are some ideas on how to capture media interest and encourage engagement with the WOHD video, Plaque Attack game and customisation app, and help making WOHD 2016 a memorable one!

Creative Teaser. Capture the interest of media by delivering a ‘teaser’ few days before WOHD. The teaser will direct them to the WOHD hashtag on social media (#WOHD16), where they will learn about WOHD and will serve as a conversation starter when you call them to talk to them about writing about WOHD and offer spokesperson interview.  Here are some examples of a teaser:

  • A toothbrush with the message “It’s never too early or too late to start looking after your oral health. #ItAllStartsHere. #WOHD16
  • For dental professionals: send a photo frame with a message inviting them to visit the WOHD website and upload their favourite photo to create their own WOHD poster or social meme.

WOHD Mobile Dental Clinic. Work with a local dentist or dental school and offer free dental check-ups or dental advice clinics in areas that have a high footfall.  This is a great way to engage people in discussion about oral health, while also leveraging the opportunity to demonstrate the mobile phone game to people who attend and talk to them about the WOHD video inviting them to post a video about the important step them made towards their oral health in visiting the clinic and encourage them to create their own WOHD video. The clinics can be promoted through social channels.

WOHD Dentist Smile Kits. Create kits containing posters, a bespoke USB with the digital tools (social memes and the WOHD global video) and information on the Plaque Attack game and the customisation app that can be delivered to local dental clinics to encourage engagement in WOHD.

Resources (RAR Files)


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