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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2016/01/13

NewsBites_logo_2015-08-14Top 5 Must Read

  1. Dental Outreach Community Service (DOCS) program featured on Western Revealed
  2. Launch of Healthy Smiles Ontario Program
  3. Bite-mark analysis can lead to false convictions, landmark research shows
  4. Can keeping the mouth cold during cancer treatment help to prevent mouth soreness and ulcers?
  5. American Heart Association comments on sugary drink taxes in Mexico


Canadian dentistry news

Launch of Healthy Smiles Ontario Program. rcdso.org: The newly integrated Healthy Smiles Ontario Program was launched on January 1, 2016. Read more

Canadian Dental Regulatory Authorities Federation announces new executive director. cdraf.org: The appointment of Dr. Diane Legault took effect January 4. Read more

Dental Outreach Community Service (DOCS) program featured on Western Revealed. rogerstv.com: A look at the new partnership between Western’s DOCS program and Youth Opportunities Unlimited to help provide free dental care to low income families who have no dental insurance. Watch now

FCDSA: Serving dental students in Canada. youtube.com: FCDSA President Khash Gharavi discusses how the Federation of Canadian Dentistry Student Associations serves dental students. Watch video

Our health system should fund dental care. timescolonist.com: Dental care, with a few exceptions, is not included in our publicly funded health-care system. This is problematic for four main reasons. Read more

International dentistry news

UK announces new alcohol guidelines devised to fight cancer. dentistrytoday.com: Alcohol consumption at any level increases the risk or oral and other cancers alike, and those risks grow with the amount consumed. Read more

New U.S. diet rules would take 20 percent bite out of American sugar use. reuters.com: If the U.S. government has its way, Americans would cut their consumption of sugar and corn syrup by more than 2 million tonnes a year. Read more

National Children’s Dental Health Month marks 75th year. ada.org: What began as a humble one-day event in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1941 is in 2016 a nationally recognized and celebrated month-long ADA event that spreads awareness and information about the benefits of good oral health. Read more

American Association of Endodontists Foundation Awards grants to two endodontic programs. aae.org: The AAE Foundation recently awarded grants to the West Virginia University School of Dentistry and the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry. Read more

American Association of Orthodontists broadens effort for underserved kids. ada.org: The AAO Donated Orthodontic Services program will aim to operate in every state this year thanks to help from Dental Lifeline Network. Read more

Family physicians’ group backs oral health primary care plan. ada.org: “We need to be able to offer preventive advice, perform a risk history and oral exam, and make timely and appropriate dental referrals.” Read more

Clinical & scientific news

Bite-mark analysis can lead to false convictions, landmark research shows. sciencedaily.com: Forensic science is a vital crime-fighting tool in today’s criminal justice system. But it can also lead to false convictions. Read more

Can keeping the mouth cold during cancer treatment help to prevent mouth soreness and ulcers? cochraneohg.wordpress.com: People receiving treatment for cancer are at risk of developing a sore mouth and ulcers as a side effect, which affects over 75% of high-risk patients. Read more

Preformed crowns for managing decayed primary molar teeth. cochraneohg.wordpress.com: A systematic review. Read more

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching. dentistryiq.com: Epictetus said, “No great thing is created suddenly,” which is why we must keep moving forward with improving our abilities as dentists. Let’s see what your answers are to these questions. Read more

Patient information

Teeth whitening can cause permanent damage. ubc.ca: How whitening and bleaching products work and why you have to be careful, if you are considering using them. Read more

Your health & medical news

Exercise to boost spine muscles can ease back pain, study suggests. nih.gov: Clinical trial review shows motor control exercise helpful for lower back. Read more

Landmark event for those with kidney disease’. umanitoba.ca: An international team of researchers, including a scientist from the University of Manitoba, has validated a new, online tool that can accurately predict the risk of kidney failure in patients with chronic kidney disease. Read more

Sugary drinks tied to increase in deep belly fat. nih.gov: Researchers report that type of fat is associated with risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease. Read more

American Heart Association comments on sugary drink taxes in Mexico. heart.org: A study examining the first-year impact on beverage volume sales in Mexico after tax implementation shows that a tax of one peso per liter decreased the volume of sugary drinks purchased by a significant amount (6% monthly average), while also increasing the volume of healthier drinks purchased (4% monthly average), specifically bottled water. Read more

Continuing education matters

Dalhousie University – Current course offerings

McGill University – Fall 2015 and spring 2016 continuing education schedules

Université Laval – Formation continue

Université de Montréal – Formation dentaire continue

University of Alberta – Program and courses

University of British Columbia – Calendar of courses

University of Saskatchewan – Upcoming courses

University of Toronto – Continuing dental education

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry University – Continuing professional development


January 28-30 – Manitoba Dental Association’s 2016 Annual Convention. Read more

March 17-19 –2016 Pacific Dental Conference in conjunction with CDA, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Read more

April 14-17 – 23rd International Association for Disability & Oral Health Congress in conjunction with the Special Care Dentistry Association 28th Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois. Read more

April 27-30 – 32nd Annual American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Scientific Session in Toronto, Ontario. Read more

May 5-7 – Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting 2016, in Toronto, Ontario. Read more

May 26-28 – British Dental Conference & Exhibition 2016 in Manchester, England. Read more

May 26-29 – American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry 2015 in San Antonio, Texas. Read more

May 26-29 – Jasper Dental Congress 2016 in Jasper, Alberta. Read more

May 27-31 – Journées dentaires internationales du Québec. Preliminary program now available online. Read more

July 14-17 –Academy of General Dentistry 2016 Boston, Massachusetts. Read more

September 7-10 – FDI Annual World Dental Congress 2016, in Poznan, Poland. Read more

September 10-13 –102nd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Periodontology in Collaboration with the Japanese Society of Periodontology and Japanese Academy of Clinical Periodontology in San Diego, California. Read more

September 16-17 – 6th Annual AAOSH Scientific Session in Orlando, Florida. Read more




Dentistry in long-term care course. ada.org: This online CE course is designed to help dental professionals understand how long-term care (LTC) facilities work and how you can work successfully in LTC facilities. You will learn how to deliver care in an environment outside your traditional practice location and care for your patients through their entire life span. Read more


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