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Global Oral Cancer Forum 2016: Q&A

The Global Oral Cancer Forum 2016 will take place on March 4-5, at the New York University’s Kimmel Center, in New York City. It evolves around: Challenges in the Global Burden of Oral Cancer: Progress in Early Diagnosis and Prevention.

This inaugural forum will highlight gaps and innovations in prevention, patient care, technology, and services across the oral cancer continuum. International speakers, panelists, and delegates will convene to share the issues they face, and learn about innovations, models, or ideas that have the potential to catalyze positive change globally and help to reduce these statistics.

What is the global oral cancer forum?

Why is the global oral cancer forum important?

Who are the attendees of the global oral cancer forum?

Who is responsible for the prevention of the oral cancer epidemic?

Who are the sponsors of the global oral cancer forum?

What are the primary goals of the global oral cancer forum?

Who should consider attending the global oral cancer forum?

Where and when will this year’s global oral cancer forum be held?

What may attendees expect to take away from the global oral cancer forum?


  1. Dr. James Lee January 28, 2016

    Please keep me informed.

    Thank you.

    James Lee
    BDS, DDPH.

  2. John Dean February 5, 2016

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