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  1. Trey Petty February 3, 2016

    Where’s part 2?
    How was this case managed?

    1. JCDA Oasis February 4, 2016

      Hello Terry,

      We are in the process of recording the second phase of the case conference. It will be ready to post soon. Thank you for your interest.

      CDA Oasis Team

      1. Trey Petty February 4, 2016

        Okay, thanks.
        I was just worried that I missed something.

        BTW: the way I would treat this case would be to remove any immediate foci of infection (platelets and WBC seem stable for extraction, however, I would encourage open and drain with antibiotics), encourage oral hygiene, and manage any symptomatic oral mucositis (“magic mouthrinse”, fresh pineapple chunks, ice chips).

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