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  1. Mark Antosz January 13, 2016

    The frustrating thing for those of us who routinely treat these patients is not the actual treatment (which frankly isn’t really that hard) but the lack of sound education on functional occlusion for many dentists. TMD (not “TMJ”) is largely occlusally related (with some nods to spinal-cervical problems that may confound the issue) and the “biopsychosocial” nonsense is just jibber jabber. But when you start talking about functional occlusion and management of these problems you get a lot of blank stares. It’s a shame and I’m afraid that as those of us who treat these conditions move on in life there will be even fewer to fill the void.

    1. Dana Topliss January 20, 2016

      I agree with you Mark, it is very frustrating about the lack of accessible education on functional occlusion regarding TMD. I am a dental assistant educator who also assisted a dentist who treated TMD for over 12 years. What I saw with regard to how he treated his patients with this “joint disorder” by functional occlusion and management is truly remarkable. Absolutely changed the lives for the better of many by this treatment. This treatment has given many people the chance to live a healthy lifestyle where as before, unable to even get out of bed due to the crippling effects of TMD. This dentist has retired and since then, I have noticed how there is a lack of accessible sound education for the treatment of TMD. Sad and frustrating indeed, because functional occlusion and management treatment works!!!

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