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First Visit, First Tooth: New Continuing Education Resource

A new First Visit, First Tooth resource is now available!

The First Visit, First Tooth teaching kit is an invaluable resource for those who are committed to seeing children reach their full dental potential to prevent the burden of illness associated with early childhood caries. This kit is designed for dentists and other members of the oral health care team, family physicians and pediatricians, nurses, nurse practitioners and public health officials. This CDA sponsored interactive course incorporates both knowledge transfer and experiential learning. It can be modified to suit the presenter’s own material, presentation style, time constraints, audience and geographic realities. The interactive component includes sim-lab experience on a knee to knee exam, use of a risk assessment tool, fluoride varnish application and appropriate use of toothpaste for an infant.

The kit includes supplies meant for demonstration, including:
•    Comprehensive presentation
•    Modified examination doll
•    Toothbrushes
•    Fluoride varnish
•    Disposable dental mirrors
•    Penlights

This resource has been developed by Dr. Ross Anderson, Chief of Dentistry, IWK Health Centre and Head, Division of Paediatric Dentistry, Dalhousie University.


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