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CDA Oasis Conversations: The importance of Ergonomics in Dentistry with Tim Caruso


tim-carousoIn this video, Tim Caruso, physical therapist, speaks about the importance of ergonomics in dentistry.

Good ergonomics should be an important consideration in a dental practice to ensure the clinician is comfortable, efficient, effective but, most importantly healthy!

  • Ergonomic issues are related to aches and pains that are felt during or after the work day
  • The design and layout of an operatory are important factors that contribute to good ergonomics
  • If musculoskeletal discomfort or pain is occurring, the clinician should seek the help of a competent professional – Family physician, physiotherapist, further consultations with orthopedist, neurologist/neurosurgeon, as may be required
  • Neglecting musculoskeletal pain can lead to technical compromise of dental care provided to patients. In cases where clinicians self-medicate to cope with pain, the risks increase exponentially.

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