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Do I have to treat a discoloured primary tooth?

Discolored toothWhen a primary tooth discolours and turns grayish, it is usually secondary to a traumatic episode. The discolouration indicates a necrotic pulp or that hemorrhaging has occurred and entered the dentinal tubules and can appear within a month of the original injury. The tooth may exhibit a light gray colour initially but may progressively darken. Occasionally, the tooth may present with a yellowish colour due to calcific degeneration of the pulpal tissues.

Treatment of these teeth is not always indicated unless there is evidence of pathology. As such, appropriate examination and follow-up is necessary in these cases.

Source: Dental Secrets, Elsevier, 2015

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  1. Is a 30 or 27 guage needle appropriate in infiltrations and blocks for pedo and adult dentistry or can these two guages be reliably aspirated?

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