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Stress and resilience in the life of healthcare professionals

This resource is available through the Canadian Physician Health Institute. Although it is written primarily for physicians, much of the included information is applicable to healthcare providers in general and dentists in particular.

The Basics. Strategies for coping with stress and building personal resilience for physicians (PDF)


Watch the complete video presentation

Watch highlights of the video presentation

“B” is for Body

“A” is for Affect

“S” is for Social

“I” is for Intellect

“C” is for Community

“S” is for Spirituality




  1. I am glad to have spent five minutes watching this, seems like most of it applies to me, i need to work on myself on quite a lot of things. Thank you Dr Kauffman!

    • Slow DOWN the presentation. It was going too fast to read and to comprehend the information before it disappeared from the screen.

  2. sneha abhyankar

    Good food for thought makes you sit back and reflect on your own situation


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