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Is practicing dentistry becoming a pain in the neck? Ergonomic Solutions for the Dental Team

In this post, Pelton & Crane presents solutions to ergonomic problems frequently encountered in the dental practice. 

As a dental professional, you have or will likely experience some type of work-related pain. Many dental professionals accept this pain as a part of daily life, but there is a better way! 

Have you ever asked yourself “How much longer will I be able to practice feeling the way I do?” because you’re suffering from neck, shoulder, arm or leg pain. Perhaps you have numbness in your fingers and hands or pain down into your leg while you sit? If so, then you’re not alone.



Having the right equipment is a critical part of maintaining proper positioning. Pelton & Crane’s narrow chair back allows the clinician to gain access to the oral cavity while maintaining an ergonomically correct posture and staying within healthy motion ranges. Select the topics below to learn more about proper ergonomic positioning.


circle-aroundPelton & Crane have developed a wealth of ergonomic solutions and resources to address problems faced by the dental team, such as  limited access to the oral cavity, improper leg positioning, positioning the patient incorrectly, twisting or bending to practice, not realizing the effects of repetitive movement and physical strains.

Their Around Not Under, Relaxed Not Raised, and Straight Not Twisted sections on their website explain in detail the basics of good posture in order to prevent muscle injuries. 

The Narrow Back Advantage allows more freedom to move around the patient and the ability to position the oral cavity at the proper height. It allows the clinician to position their legs around the
chair, allowing both the dentist and assistant access to the oral cavity from any position. 




To access their resources, visit the Pelton & Crane Ergonomics Health Clinic, watch their featured videos, and access their free Webinar on “How to remove the pain from your dental career … and your life!”








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