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What are the factors affecting prognosis and treatment duration for impacted central incisors?


bigstock-A-woman-is-smiling-while-being-51277408This summary is based on the article published in the American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics: Impacted central incisors: Factors affecting prognosis and treatment duration (May 2015)

Stella Chaushu, Tal Becker, and Adrian Becker


Although the prevalence of non-eruption or impaction of the maxillary central incisor is low, its occurrence is disfiguring for a young child and of considerable concern to the parents. The causes of this phenomenon can be divided into 2 main groups: obstructive and traumatic causes.

Purpose of the Study

To assess the patient and treatment factors that influence the success rate and the duration of the orthodontic-surgical modality for impacted central incisors.

Key Findings

  • The conservative approach to the treatment of impacted maxillary incisors is a significant clinical challenge insofar as it requires close collaboration between an orthodontist and an oral surgeon and, not least, skilled management because it mainly involves a young patient.
  • The orthodontic-surgical treatment of impacted incisors is generally successful, but relatively long.
  • Patients and parents should be warned of the risk of failure and the increased treatment duration, especially for dilacerated incisors impacted high in the alveolus.


List of references (PDF)

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