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Have you encountered this reaction?

This question was submitted by a denstist looking for advice from colleagues:

Has anyone ever had a patient report symptoms of sore throat and cough immediately following an occlusal adjustment to a porcelain crown? A patient reports that this happens every time an adjustment is made. I would like to know if anyone else has encountered this reaction.

Please advise. Thank-you.


  1. David Tessier January 20, 2015

    2 points:
    -Is this an all porcelain crown?If so,can’t help.
    -If PFM:I have a pt that has reacted to the crown at the gumline,where the metal is.Very red,bleeds easily super sensitive to tooth and tissues,in spite good margins.I suspect strongly an allergy to metal(Nickel,Palladium,Chromium?).I have suggested getting it tested,but she hasn’t followed through.I would then recomend a rplacement to an all porcelain,or PFG.Can’t say she’s had a sore throat.

  2. Anon January 20, 2015

    Have you tried adjusting using a rubber dam?


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