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Dr. Larry Levin speaks about the CDA Trust and Value Working Group

Larry LevinPodcast Icon SmallDr. John O’Keefe, Director of Knowledge Networks at the Canadian Dental Association, spoke with Dr. Larry Levin, CDA Board member and Chair of the CDA Trust and Value Working Group (TVWG) about the role of the working group in shaping the dentists’ and the public perceptions of the value of the dental profession. 






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Interview Highlights

  • Among many reasons, the Trust and Value Working Group (TVWG) was formed to investigate the possible differences between the public’s and dentists’ perception of the value of dental care.
  • The initial (2011) research showed that there was in fact a difference in the perception of the value of dental care.
  • The latest round of research (2014) re-affirmed the importance of one on one communication between the dentist and their patient in improving the public perception of the value of dental care.
  • Other interesting issues relate to dentists’ perception of: practice advertising, patient online information, and the rising costs of running a dental practice.
  • The T&VWG will continue developing tools to help the dentist and their team enhance communication with patients.
  • The working group will continue to analyze the research to learn from it and to help plan for the future.

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  1. Dr. Larry Stanleigh December 25, 2015

    Is a transcript available for this interview? Has this now been published for examination and review? Thanks.


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