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Dr. Gary MacDonald speaks about CDA’s Days on the Hill 2014

Pic for post 2Podcast Icon SmallDr. John O’Keefe spoke with Dr. Gary MacDonald, President of the Canadian Dental Association, about his participation in the recent Days on the Hill event.




Key Messages

  • Days on the Hill is an opportunity for dentists to meet with parliamentarians and discuss federal issues that have an impact on dentistry.
  • The team consists of CDA’s President and President Elect, members of the Advocacy Committee and CDA’s public affairs specialists.
  • There were representatives from the Canadian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry and the Assembly of First Nations.  
  • The meetings focused on the Non-Insured Health Benefit program (NIHB). CDA delegates’ mission was to identify to government the number of administrative barriers to care for Canada’s First Nations and Inuit populations, such as the centralization of the predetermination process which is causing much frustration and delays in treatment for Canada’s First Nations people. Other expressed concerns with NIHB were: the increasing transportation cost, the obstacles in returning for follow-up treatment, and the lack of an effective preventive care program and oral health education program.
  • During the meeting with the Hon. Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health, she confirmed that a joint review of NIHB between Health Canada and the Assembly of First Nations, will take place. The Hon. Rona Ambrose requested that CDA submit their concerns regarding NIHB to her. 
  • Other issues discussed during Days on the Hill:
    • Standards of oral health care for Canada’s veterans in long-term health care facilities. CDA requested that Veterans Affairs Canada include in their contracts with long-term care facilities a minimum requirement of an oral health screening on admission, an annual exam by the dentist the leader of the oral health team, a daily mouth-care plan for each individual patient, and basic infrastructure within the facility to support the appropriate delivery of needed dental care. The request was well received by the parliamentarians. 
    • Drug shortages
    • Oral health research

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