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Dr. Ron Smith speaks about the newest CDA member service: eReferral

Ron's PicPodcast Icon SmallDr. John O’Keefe, Director Knowledge Networks at CDA, interviewed Dr. Ron Smith, past CDA President and present Chair of the board of Continovation Services Inc. about the new CDA member service eReferral.







Listen to the audio interview with Dr. Smith (10 mins)


Highlights of the Interview

CDA and the provincial dental associations (PDAs) are aware of the need to transmit secure electronic patient information without compromising the level of care. The service is intended to help dentists to comply with the increasingly complex record keeping guidelines and the evolving privacy legislation. 


  • Provides the ability to securely share patient cases with other healthcare professionals.
  • Protects dentists by meeting and exceeding record keeping guidelines and evolving privacy legislation (PIPEDA, HIPPA, RCDSO Guidelines).
  • The eReferral service makes use of information in a structured fashion. This provides dentists with the ability to create patient cases that contain the patient details, files, discussions and treatments in one place, in a consistent fashion. Referral cases created by anyone anywhere will have information organized in the same fashion. The result is a more predictable and seamless referral experience for dentists and patients.
  • Provides a common system for all dentists and a standardized workflow.
  • Provider Validation. The eReferral service exclusive access ensures that the community of users within it is comprised of licensed dental professionals. Every time a dentist sends a referral to another party they can be assured it is being sent to a licensed dentist who is a member of a PDA.

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