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Does periodontal disease impact oral health-related quality of life?

This summary is based on the article published in the International Dental Journal: Impact of periodontal disease and periodontal therapy on oral health-related quality of life (June 2013)

Fabian Brauchle, Michael Noack and Elmar Reich


Periodontal diseases are a major oral health problem, as they are still the main reason for tooth loss in industrialised countries. It has been shown that the rate of tooth loss can be decreased by new forms of therapy and prophylactic dental measures. (1)

Purpose of the Study

To determine the impact of periodontal disease and periodontal therapy on oral health-related quality of life, using the German version of the Oral Health Impact Profile, taking into account the possible effects of age, gender and socioeconomic factors.

Key Messages

  • These results of the present study are in accord with other studies that aimed to determine the impact of oral health on quality of life and which found that patients with a greater number of deep periodontal pockets had poorer oral health related quality of life. (2)
  • The study determined the existence of an association between periodontal diseases and the oral health-related
  • quality of life.
  • The study also showed the positive effect that periodontal treatment has on the oral health related quality of life and it was most pronounced for patients with a probing pocket depth of >7 mm.


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  2. Needleman I, McGrath C, Floyd P et al. Impact of oral health on the life quality of periodontal patients. J Clin Periodontal 2004 31: 454–457.


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