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CDA News: Dr. Peter Doig speaks at the National Summit of Canadian Sport for Life


Podcast Icon SmallOn January 29th, 2014, Baseball Canada held the National Summit of Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) which brings together leaders who work to enhance the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. Recognizing that quality sport and physical activity offer rich benefits to Canadian society, CS4L aims to improve the lives of all Canadians.

Dr. Peter Doig, President of the Canadian Dental Association, was a keynote speaker at the summit. He spoke about the dangers of smokeless tobacco products and the role of dentists in identifying the first warning signs of gum disease and oral cancer and in counseling patients to quit using these products.

Dr. Doig indicated that the risks of tobacco use are seldom disputed; however, the risks of smokeless tobacco products are much less known despite the availability of scientific evidence and public health advocacy efforts.

In this audio interview, Dr. John O’Keefe asked Dr. Peter Doig to tell us about his participation in the summit and to highlight some of the key messages that he included in this presentation.

 Listen to the audio interview


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